How Commit Partnership Provides Crucial, Evidence-Based Data to Impact Legislation and Funding

Discover how Commit Partnership collaborates with HSO, Microsoft, and DataKind to leverage vital, data-driven insights that influence legislation and funding decisions.

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How did an educational navigator and connector gain control of large amounts of data to make a significant impact on funding and legislation that affects the kids they serve?

A coalition of more than 200 partners, Commit Partnership is a childhood education-focused community navigator and connector that works collaboratively to help solve the region’s biggest systemic challenges, including: improving early childhood education, preparing and retaining effective educators, and increasing post-secondary completion rates.

Commit Partnership was being held back in pursuing their mission by heavy dependence on a “ginormous” amount of data that could not be managed or analyzed using current technology. They needed the ability to utilize predictive analytics to manage resources, funding, and reporting to advise the schools they serve and have the information they need to petition for legislation and funding.

With HSO, Microsoft, and DataKind, Commit Partnership transformed their existing database, “…enabling them to pull out concrete pieces of evidence to make the changes that Texas students deserve.”

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