Smart Factory of the Future Ep 5: GS1 barcode scanning for transparency and traceability for supply chains

You need barcodes to sell your products. But they also help your products move through your supply chain. They are as important to your business as your website domain or your business bank account.

Aerial view of shipping containers for supply chain
So it’s important to get them right. GS1 barcodes and GTINs are unique to you and give your customers valuable information about your products.
Take manufacturing automation to the next level by removing the need to have the data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 before delivery occurs.
We cover how to:
  • Save time & cost by receiving goods into your warehouse using a one-time set up procedure
  • Remove the need to provide delivery information ahead of time
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency ensuring transparency and traceability throughout your entire supply chain

Watch this video to learn more.

Smart Factory of the Future: Episode 5

GS1 barcode scanning for transparency and traceability for supply chains

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In this series, we showcase a number of short videos to demonstrate, how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management helps manufacturers to improve their operational efficiency, increase productivity, and gain real-time visibility into their supply chains.

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