Demo: Creating Inclusive Apps

Microsoft Power Apps for Accessible User Interfaces

Revolutionizing Case Work: Creating Accessible Apps with Microsoft Power Apps

Case workers who interact with clients in the field can face challenges when using apps that are not designed with accessibility in mind. They may struggle to access critical information or contact their clients quickly and easily, which impacts their ability to provide timely and effective services.

In this 5-minute video, Venkat Rao, VP of Application Platform at HSO, demonstrates how to create an accessible app using Microsoft Power Apps that can be easily read by screen readers like Voiceover. He shows how to create an app for case workers where they can see all of their clients and have the ability to make phone calls and send SMS messages to them. Venkat walks through the process of creating a blank canvas app, connecting it to a data source, adding buttons with launch formula to make phone calls and send SMS messages, and setting up tab indexes and accessible labels for each element. He also demonstrates the difference between an app with proper accessibility elements and one without, and how screen readers like Voiceover can read the app. Venkat emphasizes the importance of considering accessibility from the beginning of app development, but also shows how Microsoft Power Apps makes it easy to go back and add accessibility features.

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