Demo: Case Management Accelerator for Non-Profit Organizations

HSO’s Case Management Accelerator for Non-Profit Organizations is powered by the Microsoft Cloud and built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform

Advance your mission by supporting the entire case/client life cycle

HSO’s Case Management Accelerator, powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, is an integrated client and case management framework designed to support the complete client lifecycle through request, receipt, and follow-up of services.

In this demo of the Case Management Accelerator, we step into the shoes of a case manager examining an individual client’s record to demonstrate these key features:

  • Effectively track and manage cases from intake to discharge
  • Easily tailor your system to the way you manage cases
  • Use centralized data from across programs to gain visibility, promoting closer collaboration on action or treatment plans and smoother transition between programs and providers
  • Dynamically create assessments within a program utilizing no-code functionality
  • Promote quality and continuity of care with a 360-degree view of clients/cases in a convenient dashboard
  • Keep case notes and other sensitive data private
  • Track incoming and outgoing referrals, both within the agency and with other outside organizations and programs
  • Monitor and manage caseloads and utilization
  • Easily set milestones and measure and report on outcomes
  • Work with familiar browsers, devices, and tools like Outlook
  • Integration with the International Aid Transparency Initiative

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