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Your Firm Can Have Clean Data Without the Administrative Burden

Being in-house [at a law firm], a client/user of legal 360, and a data nerd at heart, one of my favorite features is advanced merge. It's very important for user adoption and retention that data remains clean and up to date. If a lawyer goes in searches for a contact, sees lots of duplicate records, and it's unclear which is the primary record for a contact to go into, that's it - you've lost their attention. They're not going to be interested in using the system. They're not going to trust the information that's in there. Having the tools to be able to identify potential duplicates and merging them without losing any data that's on any of those duplicate records in very short order that doesn't require lots and lots of administrative burden. [It] was really a game changer for me when I worked in-house and it's one of my favorite features of the legal360 platform.

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