Business Value Insight Series: Unlocking the Potential of Heavy Equipment Rental - Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation

Are you looking to unlock the potential of heavy equipment rental and harness the power of digital transformation? Join us for the Business Value Insight Series and gain valuable insights into the heavy equipment rental industry. 

Exploring the Future of Rental: Maximizing Asset Utilization and Achieving Operational Excellence

The landscape of the heavy equipment rental industry is constantly evolving, and digital transformation is emerging as a powerful force to be reckoned with. In this episode of the Business Value Insight Series, we explore the wider industry context, including the circular economy, sustainability, trends in rental, and how manufacturers are struggling to keep up with digital transformation.

We also explore how technology can help to cut down on operational costs, create new business models, and gain better insight into costs.

Core Rental Business

In this episode, we're diving deep into the core rental business processes. With our fully integrated solution, you'll be able to manage the whole rental supply chain and even do cross and intercompany rentals, rental operations & services around the process for example pre and post-rental inspections can be dispatched and planned using the scheduling board, with our 360-degree lifecycle view you gain insights on object availability.

Deep dive into insights

In this episode, we'll explore the 5 main capabilities within ERP and more capabilities in the Microsoft ecosystem that can help you achieve operational excellence in rental supply chain management

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About the Presenter

Max Diser | Pre-Sales Solution Architect at HSO Innovation 

As a skilled solution architect, Max is passionate about leveraging technology to help businesses achieve their goals.

With a deep understanding of the challenges facing businesses in the field service and asset management industries, Max is a trusted advisor who can help customers navigate complex environments and achieve their objectives. From designing custom solutions to providing expert advice and support

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