Our Policy

At HSO we are fully committed to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of the UN Global Compact and are guided by the applicable sustainability and ESG reporting standards and frameworks to achieve our goals. 

In line with the governing ESG reporting standards and frameworks, HSO has identified how HSO can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Based on HSO's sustainability strategy, goals and commitments, and through our continuously evolving materiality assessment, HSO has identified the following material topics:

1. Business ethics

Strong standards and values are essential to a successful business. We actively promote sound business practices and policies and ensure that HSO’s employees, the professionals we engage with, and our suppliers act with integrity and respect at all times and always adhere to the highest ethical values and behaviours.

While operating in an ecosystem of clients, suppliers, and partners, we expect all companies with whom we do business, to embrace our commitment to compliance with laws and regulations and to act in accordance with the highest ethical standards and sound business practices.

2. Employee engagement

Our talented employees are our greatest asset working in an exciting era of transformation to improve client’s results. We take pride in providing flexible working arrangements where we team flexibly via a collaborative hybrid working model for purposeful working relationships to suit different life phases and stages.

Our core global values are collaborative, entrepreneurial, ever evolving and value driven. We actively promote and endorse continuous learning and professional development through HSO Academy alongside ongoing training, mentoring and support to optimize our team members’ personal and professional growth and wellbeing.

Everyone at HSO has a genuine sense of empowerment where we are large enough to serve, but small enough to care.

3. Diversity and Inclusion

At HSO we are proud that our workforce is a growing dynamic, unique global community that is quality and performance driven. We are a global community of over 2,500 diverse individuals made up of 43 nationalities, 23 languages and spread across 30 countries which speaks to our commitment to be a fully diverse and inclusive employer.

Our clients, employees and our shareholders love the diversity and experience of our talent around the world and what that brings and so do we.

Ultimately, our success is driven by the individual quality of the talent we work with to perform in their roles and deliver real value and performance for our clients. This is what makes HSO an authentic equal opportunity employer and only what we benchmark against when we are recruiting new talent.

4. Data security and Customer privacy

HSO respects the privacy of employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Data management is managed both globally and locally by our team of expert information security officers meeting all of the applicable standards and laws.

5. Competitive behaviour

At HSO we welcome competition and abide by all laws and regulations that promote fair and open competition always ensuring we don’t participate in any anticompetitive behaviour.

6. Risk management

We take pride in ensuring strong internal controls across the organization and governance of standards at the highest level of the business to ensure that HSO is always meeting the highest industry standards and can provide assurance to all stakeholders.

7. Energy and environment

HSO is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and to minimising the environmental impacts of the risks arising from its activities. This statement applies to all premises and activities within the control of the HSO Group. HSO will manage its operations in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically feasible.

We are committed to specific environmental management reduction measures and projects which include regularly reviewing our business travel and company vehicle policy and our leased buildings.

In order to achieve this aim HSO has the following key objectives:

  • To promote sound environmental management policies and practices throughout the organisation
  • To comply with the requirements of relevant legislation and approved codes of practice
  • To make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy and water
  • To promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services
  • To minimise waste production as far as is practicable, to reuse or recycle waste where appropriate
  • To reduce and, where practicable, prevent pollution
  • To minimise the adverse environmental impact of the decommissioning and disposal of HSO’s assets
  • To raise staff awareness of the company’s environmental impact, activities, and performance and to promote individual good practice
  • To continually seek to improve environmental performance

Sustainable Development Goals

At HSO we take pride in getting results in all areas of the work we do, and this is no different in our approach to good societal, environmental and business governance and conduct the role we play as a good corporate citizen.

At HSO we have direct contribution to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

3 – Health and Wellbeing. We are committed to the good health and wellbeing of our stakeholders, the local communities we work in and communities in need. We provide employees with several health and wellbeing benefits and are also committed to local charity support initiatives around the world.

5 – Gender Equality. We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer and strive to create a thriving and inclusive workplace with hybrid working policies creating equal opportunities for all.

8 – Decent work and economic growth. At HSO we ensure quality and value in both the work we do and the environment our global community work in. We not only reimagine workspaces but empower everyone to get results for both our clients and their own careers. With ‘entrepreneurial’ and ‘ever-evolving’ as two of our core global values we provide an environment of innovation and dynamic growth for everyone.

9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure. We are one of the world’s top business solution and implementation partners and the leading global provider of technology driven business solutions that improve the business performance and results of our clients.

10 – Reduced Inequalities. We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to reducing any inequalities and any bias.

12 – Responsible consumption and production. We are committed to reducing waste through reduction, recycling, and reuse initiatives locally and globally.

13 – Climate action. HSO reduce its environmental footprint with many of our talent working remotely and not requiring an office or to travel. Where we do have offices, these are strategically located to be close to our clients to reduce travel and where business travel is critical our travel policies and related impact are reviewed regularly.


HSO has aligned its sustainability reporting with globally recognized reporting standards and reporting periods as per the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards framework and the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The first report will be published in 2024.


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