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HSO UK Managed Services provides an unrivalled service solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 UK customers. With a focus on Finance & Operations (F&O) and Customer Engagement (CE), HSO Managed Services has a breadth of skills and experience, unrivalled within the UK marketplace.

This dedicated team, based in Manchester and Glasgow, are specialists in the support of Microsoft Dynamics AX from version 4 up to the current 365 platforms, including D365 F&O, CE, Common Data Model, Common Data Services, Power Platform, incorporating the market-leading Power BI and Modern Workplace Solutions (M365). Furthermore, HSO provides support for the Azure cloud and associated services as well as a suite of services designed to support our customers’ journey through the Microsoft Cadence Program.

The latter is built on understanding the benefits and challenges this demands of our customers and supporting them to ensure they achieve the business benefits of this release management program.

HSO Managed Services delivers a unique proposition. No other Microsoft Partner has a division exclusively focused on delivering managed services solely to its customer base.

The Managed Services Team has the size, breadth of skills, and experience to make it a landing point for HSO customers and companies who started their journey with another Microsoft Partner.

Service Delivery Managers deliver a world-class service & are at the heartbeat of the support team

What makes HSO Managed Services truly different, is the people and their experience and dedication towards our customers. At the heart of our Managed Services division is a team of support professionals whose mission is to ensure that the Microsoft platform delivers value for our customers.

Supporting this are the Service Delivery Managers who work with our customers to deliver a world-class service. This proactive and important team are responsible for ensuring that HSO’s “business as usual” is focused on what our customers require. Through weekly calls, monthly reports and quarterly meetings, this group is the heartbeat of the support team.

Let HSO provide you with the quality support you need so that you can focus on your business

HSO has reinforced its commitment to providing high-quality, relevant and proactive support to its customers, with the introduction of extended hours up to 24/7 coverage and Global Support capability. Its market-leading Microsoft Dynamics Support organisation offers market-leading service to every customer.

Those who need extended support can also access a central 24-hour support centre - a single point of support coordination and response, at any time of the day or night.

  • Dedicated Support Resource - HSO has a dedicated, Microsoft-certified support team who will know your business, support history, and staff inside out
  • Technical Support - on demand when you need it
  • Application Support - includes your Microsoft Dynamic AX solution and related technologies

HSO Managed Services

HSO offers an unrivalled portfolio of extended managed services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and are designed to maximise the up-time, performance and productivity of your Microsoft Dynamics environment. These include:

  • Guaranteed response times - based on Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Online monitoring and analysis of your applications and underlying technology
  • Preventative maintenance - HSO Managed Services staff ensure the preventative maintenance tasks and processes are performed on a consistent schedule
  • System assessments and optimisation recommendations
  • Access to the HSO online support management portal for submitting and tracking requests
  • Quarterly reports of support issues
  • Minor upgrades and development projects

“HSO Managed Services is absolutely committed to working in our best interests. There is trust on both sides and a true partnership. Their flexibility, integrity & commitment is strong”

CIO - Ashtead Technology Ltd

What makes HSO Managed Services Unique?

  • UK-based team
  • Size and experience
  • Agile delivery
  • ISO27001 accredited
  • Breath of capability: Development, Technical, Project Management, Consulting
  • Market-leading release management cadence
  • Dedicated Managed Services Resources
  • Specialised foundation services supporting Dynamics 365
  • Access to global support if required

HSO Functional Impact Assessment - Do more with Dynamics

Get more value out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system with HSO Impact Assessments.

HSO Functional Impact Assessment
Take One Version to the next level

HSO Foundation Services

  • 1

    Plan for Microsoft One Version Updates weeks ahead of schedule

    We know that being on the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides your business with a competitive advantage, due to the innovations it delivers for ever changing customer demands. However, the
    fast-paced cadence release service does pose a challenge.

    Managing the risk, due to the limited time between general availability of an update and its delivery into production, means testing time is at a premium and can be a huge drain on an organisation‘s resources.

  • 2

    Why you need HSO Foundation Services

    HSO Foundation Services is built upon Microsoft best practice. It is a robust and proven framework, that enables our customers to deliver agility and innovation into their business, which translates into value for their customers.

    It helps to drive down the ongoing total cost of maintaining the Microsoft Cadence program through HSO‘s economy of scale.

  • 3


    • Mitigate risk to your business
    • Receive focused service
    • Management of your third party (ISV) solutions
    • Gain early visibility of updates & plan weeks ahead
    • Access a clear solution roadmap

Optimisation Services Team: Close to the pulse of the customer

As part of the UK Managed Services division, we have a highly experienced and dedicated Optimisation Services team. Working closely with the Service Delivery Managers, HSO Optimisation Services provide a dedicated team of Microsoft Certified Consultants and, where applicable, industry specialists that deliver a specific set of services to the customer base.

HSO understands that most Microsoft Dynamics partners try to use implementation consultants to deliver small, important pieces of work. Furthermore, we know this approach does not work because we now support many customers who started their journey with another Microsoft partner.

The Optimisation Services team have their own SLA’s which are focused on turning around customers requirements in a timeframe which the customer needs. They are tasked with delivering pieces of work in conjunction with the Service Delivery Managers and their remit is to deliver small changes, reports, developments or configuration changes in a professional, cost effective and timely manner. This team is close to the pulse of the customer and thoroughly understand our customer requirements.

Time for Change? Because sometimes things just don’t work out

Over the past three years, key areas of growth for the Managed Services division have been several recovery projects that HSO has embarked upon.

Complex business solution implementations require more than just technology and capability – they need mutual trust and excellent partnerships. As a customer, you must have total confidence that your chosen partner understands your business priorities and can translate these into a successful process and system implementation.

Occasionally, organisations simply choose a partner that does not deliver, and they are left with a failed or incomplete solution - recognising this situation is the first step to putting it right.

HSO has extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics in a range of diverse industries and varying implementation requirements and is officially recognised by Microsoft as a highly capable, reliable, and trustworthy partner.

Some of HSO’s customers initially implemented their Microsoft Dynamics solution using other partners. Whether they were unhappy with their support, had lost confidence in them or the relationship had broken down, HSO’s reputation and extensive capability have enabled them to address their issues and gain a sound footing for the future.

HSO Project Services

HSO Project Services provides a dedicated team of Microsoft Certified Consultants and, where applicable, industry specialists for every Microsoft Dynamics project. The team follows both Microsoft and HSO’s best practices for conducting all engagements, which include:

  • Project recovery
  • Microsoft Dynamics upgrades
  • Platform migrations
  • Development/integration projects

Based on over 30 years experience of in improving business processes and associated IT platforms, HSO has developed a pragmatic implementation approach - HSO Excellerate - a methodology that focuses on delivering predictable results that can be carried out at an agreed price.

What you want to get out of and achieve with your new system is at the forefront of each step in the implementation process. We formulate a work plan so the resulting solution is designed to meet your business goals.


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