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  • Webcast Series: Non-Profit by the Numbers - Using Data for Effective Fundraising and Member Recruitment

On-Demand Webcast Series: Non-Profit by the Numbers

Using Data for More Effective Fundraising and Member Recruitment

All non-profits have the same, simple goal: to do good. Getting there, however, is anything but simple. Operating with tight budgets and tight resources, non-profits depend on the generosity of others with their time and their money. But, in many ways, a non-profit is like a business. Areas like fundraising and member/donor/volunteer recruitment and retention need to be managed effectively—and that requires thoughtful data analytics.

In this series of on-demand, 30-minute webcasts, we discuss how to use the data you already have to get the most from your efforts—from increasing donor outreach and executing more successful fundraising campaigns to budgeting & forecasting—while ensuring security and compliance throughout.

Part 1: Fundraising Planning, Execution, and Assessment

Non-profits depend on successful fundraising to keep the mission on target. They cannot afford to invest in efforts that don’t deliver results…and even in the non-profit world, the competition for donor dollars is intense. The most successful non-profits take an analytical approach to fundraising, putting data to work to identify trends and patterns that help them determine the right strategies around who to engage and how to engage them. In this session, we’ll show you how you can use your data—in a secure, compliant manner—to analyze the effectiveness of previous campaigns as well as external factors such as economic changes to determine strategies and produce reliable estimates for the outcome of future efforts.

Part 2: Membership Recruitment and Retention

Businesses need to understand their potential customers as well as their current customers to determine how to find, engage with, and retain them. The same is true for non-profits and their potential and current members and donors. In this session, you’ll learn how to use data analytics around internal factors, like demographics, interactions, and social media reviews, as well as external factors like US Census data, economic indicators, and events like the COVID-19 pandemic, to fine-tune your recruitment programs and cultivate repeat donors and members loyal to your cause—while protecting the security of your data and staying in compliance.

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Part 3: Budgeting and Forecasting

Accurate budgeting and forecasting are critical to any organization, but for non-profits that depend on donated dollars and often run on lean budgets, this exercise can be even more challenging. It’s a mistake to go by last year’s budget alone; with the data you already possess, you have what you need at your fingertips to create accurate forecasts and budgets, even in the most tumultuous of times. In this session, you’ll learn how to put what you’ve accomplished using analytics to plan your fundraising and engagement activities to work in your budgeting and forecasting efforts. You’ll see how to get more precise results with tangible, year-over-year marketing spend, donation, and recruitment and retention data to populate your budgeting models—all in a way that protects your sensitive data.

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Part 4: Program Effectiveness & Performance

Today’s donors and potential donors want to see that their contributions are being used wisely and producing results. After all, donations are investments that should be able to show a “return” just like any other investment. Therefore, effective fundraising and engagement efforts need to include tangible evidence that demonstrates program effectiveness and performance. In this session, you’ll learn how to take the data you capture around your programs and analyze it—without compromising on security of sensitive information—to understand and communicate the value they’re generating—value that will instill confidence in your donors and members and inspire them to keep giving.

Part 5: Understanding Program Participants

Understanding the effectiveness of programs offered by your non-profit is important to demonstrate to your donors and members. But it’s also important to understand program effectiveness at an individual participant level. By getting a clear picture of metrics like how long a participant stays in a program, the success rate, the rate at which participants come back into a program, and so forth, you can better assess the effectiveness of the program or even your entire organization. In this session, you’ll learn how to dig into participant data—while keeping it secure—to help you make smart decisions about your programs—what to change, keep, or eliminate—so you can put your resources and funds to their best use.

About the Presenter

Asad Mahmood | VP, Data Analytics | HSO US

Asad is a leader in setting up a Data Strategy and executing the best path accordingly to become a data driven organization. He has 22+ years of experience and specializes in identifying and architecting solutions using Big Data, Cloud (Azure, GCP, AWS), and AI/ML tools.

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