On-Demand Webcast: Developing a Citizen-First, Data-Driven Policy

How State & Local Governments Can Utilize Microsoft’s Power Platform and Customer Insights for Maximum Positive Outcomes

The American Rescue Plan provides a much-needed monetary “shot in the arm” to state, local, and tribal governments – helping you meet urgent needs and address budget shortfalls brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. But what if you also took the opportunity to invest in the future of your municipality?

These funds provide the means to better engage your citizens and emerge from this crisis more prepared for the next one – and the way to do that is through data. To invest those monetary resources quickly, effectively, and equitably, governments sharing the key data sets need to prioritize spending and ensure that it meets residents’ most pressing needs.

According to Governing.com, “In Los Angeles, for example, intensive collaboration around homelessness data has begun to allow for better predictions of those who are most at risk of eviction or homelessness in order to intervene earlier. In Newark, N.J., the city has used behavioral nudges to increase landlord registration for rent control by more than 450 percent.”

Positive progress like that seen in Los Angeles and Newark is a direct result of data-driven policy making—and one of the ways to develop a data-first strategy is with Microsoft technology. Microsoft’s Power Platform and Customer Insights enable you to collect key metrics on your citizens, and using predictive analytics, provide next best actions so you can take steps that will improve their quality of life.

Join us for an on-demand webcast co-hosted with Microsoft to learn how a data-driven policy can help your government act today to better support your citizens through any future crisis. We cover:

  • Best practices for developing good data governance for your state or local government
  • Citizen service challenges you can tackle quickly and cost-effectively with the Power Platform
  • How to create a holistic, predictive view of a citizen’s needs with the Power Platform and Customer Insights
  • Licensing made simpler with tiered offers and special pricing

About the Presenter

Mike Hammons | Senior Functional Solution Consultant | HSO US

Mike Hammons has more than 20 years of consulting experience, specializing in business intelligence, CRM, social media, and mobile strategy. Mike is a keen advocate of customer-focused technologies and processes for improving organizational and people performance and has unique insights on using technology to help transform organizations in the digital age.

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