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  • Webcast: Bridging the Gap—AI and Cloud Solutions for Smarter Government Infrastructure Maintenance

On-Demand Webcast: Bridging the Gap - AI and Cloud Solutions for Smarter Government Infrastructure Maintenance

In this on-demand webcast presented by Microsoft and HSO, explore AI-driven solutions that enhance inspection processes, prioritize maintenance, and optimize resource allocation

State and local governments grapple with significant challenges in safeguarding their critical infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) Infrastructure Report Card paints a sobering picture, assigning an overall grade of "C-" across various sectors. Roads and bridges, in particular, have garnered attention for their vulnerabilities, roads earning a “D” from the ASCE: “Growing wear and tear on our nation's roads have left 43% of our public roadways in poor or mediocre condition, a number that has remained stagnant over the past several years.” Additionally, municipalities must adhere to federal and state regulations with regards to regular inspections. For example, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), bridges must undergo inspection at least once every two years. However, the enormity of these responsibilities is exacerbated by an aging infrastructure and limited resources.

To tackle these challenges, harness the power of AI and cloud technologies

Microsoft and HSO recently presented an educational webcast where we explored intricate challenges encountered by government operations and infrastructure groups, offering cutting-edge, AI-based solutions.

We invite you to watch the on-demand webcast and gain profound insights into the intersection of regulatory requirements, infrastructure vulnerabilities, and transformative technology. By exploring use cases, we uncover how AI-driven insights can revolutionize the way state and local governments address the critical challenges of maintaining roads and bridges, ultimately contributing to a safer and more resilient future.

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn:

  • How AI technologies can revolutionize the inspection process for roads and bridges, resulting in more accurate and efficient maintenance practices.
  • The power of AI-driven data analysis in identifying trends, prioritizing maintenance, and optimizing resource allocation for government infrastructure maintenance.
  • Practical state and local government use cases where AI-powered solutions yield significant improvements in inspection efficiency and decision-making, enhancing overall infrastructure maintenance.
  • How Microsoft's powerful tools, including Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Copilot, amplify the positive impact of AI-driven solutions for government infrastructure maintenance

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Video Navigation

  • 00:00 – Introduction & Housekeeping
  • 01:03 - Government Critical Infrastructure Challenges & Microsoft’s Approach
  • 08:15 - How Microsoft Technology Can Improve Government Critical Infrastructure Maintenance
  • 13:40 - Reviewing Poll Results
  • 16:31 - Demo: AI-Enhanced Government Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Solutions
  • 40:21 - Questions & Answers
  • 50:12 - Next Steps

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