On-Demand Webcast: How to Enhance Case Management with the Microsoft Power Platform

Empower your non-profit with Microsoft Power Pages (portals) – the solution to your case management challenges

Are you facing challenges managing your non-profit’s case management effectively, including difficulties in connecting with constituents and disseminating your mission?

Join us for an on-demand, 30-minute webcast to learn how Microsoft Power Pages (Power Apps Portals) can be used as a cost-effective extension to a Case Management Solution.

You’ll discover:

  • How non-profits can use Power Pages (Portals) to facilitate the dissemination of their mission through their members and constituents
  • How constituents/members can use Power Pages (Portals) to act as intermediaries and connect their contacts/relationships with the non-profit to expand its reach and network
  • How constituents/members of the non-profit can use Power Pages (Portals) to access information, register for events/memberships, and make donations quickly and easily

This on-demand webcast is an excellent opportunity for non-profits to gain a better understanding of the capabilities of Microsoft Power Pages (Portals) and how they can benefit from them.

About the Presenter

Tony is a non-profit focused Functional Solution Architect based in Atlanta, GA. He has worked with Microsoft Dynamics from CRM 4.0 until the present iteration of Dynamics 365.

Tony's background is in architecture and delivery of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions. He focuses on providing value to users and fostering lasting client relationships. This priority for people and relationships drives his work every day. He has worked with several non-profit and public sector organizations to date.

Tony has over a decade of experience with people and process focused software solutions. He holds 6 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certifications and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Master's degree in International Business from the University of Florida.

Watch On-Demand

Video Navigation

  • 00:00 – Welcome and Housekeeping
  • 01:12 – Intro to Tony and HSO
  • 02:26 – Case Management Challenges for Non-Profits
  • 03:42 – Solution Highlights and Use Case Overview
  • 08:07 – Demo: Microsoft Power Pages
  • 22:35 – Questions and Answers

To watch the recording in full screen mode, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the presentation after the video begins.

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