The Manufacturer | 2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment - The Findings & the Future

Watch our on-demand webinar, where we discuss the findings and future of the manufacturing industry as we head towards 2024.

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The webinar features conversations with James Devonshire, the report author and international reporter and Fhaheen Khan, Make UK's Senior Economist.

This year’s Manufacturing Agility Assessment report, conducted on behalf of HSO by The Manufacturer, builds on the powerful insights obtained in 2022, at a time when the industry was still emerging from a global pandemic and facing a raft of significant new challenges.

  • Discover why manufacturing companies believe their agility has increased since 2022
  • The importance of data for decision-making
  • The obstacles coming between companies and their goals over the next 12-24 months
  • Why manufacturers are looking to retain first, recruit second.

As one senior leader said: 

“We’ve taken an iterative approach when it comes to data, from understanding first what is important and then looking at how to visualise it in the most intuitive way so the people who can benefit from it, have it where and when they need it."

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2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment - The Findings & the Future

Some statistics from the report

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