On-Demand Panel Discussion: Leveraging Tech to Lift Lives - How Children International is Digitally Transforming to Improve Impact

Join us for an on-demand, inspiring conversation on how Children International is leveraging Microsoft technology and AI to empower change and optimize their mission-driven work

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Since its founding in 1936, Children International has helped over 1 million children worldwide break free from the cycle of poverty with programs in health equity, education, life skills and employment. However, siloed and outdated systems and technical debt made it difficult to efficiently manage and expand Children International’s impactful global programming. The organization recognized the need to modernize their methodologies to better support their mission of making a profound impact on children's lives.

Join us for an on-demand, inspiring discussion on how Children International is leveraging Microsoft technology and AI to empower change and optimize their mission-driven work. This panel brings together Tim Bachta, Vice President of Global Information Technology at Children International, Erin McHugh Saif, Chief Product Officer on the Microsoft Tech for Social Impact team, and Matthew Case, Consulting Director at HSO, to share their insights on Children International's digital transformation journey. They will highlight the pivotal role of Microsoft technology in enhancing operational efficiency and reducing technical debt, as well as the strategic adoption of cloud-based solutions and AI to improve program delivery. Further, the conversation will underscore the significance of collaborative partnerships in tackling the challenges of technology modernization.

We will also share a short video featuring multiple members of the Children International team speaking about how the organization is leveraging technology to more effectively advance its mission.

Discover insights on:

  • Navigating the change process: Effective strategies for managing digital transformation within non-profits.
  • Harnessing technology and AI: How to leverage technological advancements and AI to amplify social impact.
  • Cultivating strong partnerships: The significance of establishing robust relationships with technology providers during digital transformation journeys.
  • Approaching incremental digital adoption: Practical steps for gradually integrating digital solutions into non-profit operations to minimize disruption and maximize effectiveness.
  • Aligning technology with missions: Ensuring that new technological initiatives are in harmony with the core goals and values of your non-profit.

This panel is essential for non-profit leaders, technology enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the transformative power of digital solutions in driving social impact.

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