How Signature Scraping and ERM has Revolutionised CRM in Law Firms

Why signature scraping means CRM systems are now capable of delivering real transformation

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In the past, the CRM system used by many legal firms suffered from poor usage and inaccurate data because it relied on the willingness of lawyers to acquire and enter customer contact information directly.

The expectation from lawyers was that the information would just be there, in the CRM system, without them having to do anything. However, when they found the data wasn’t there or the data that was there was inaccurate, they would become frustrated and would begin to use the system less and less, and so the downward spiral began.

The development of signature scraping in CRM-related technology changed this.

With around 72% of contact data existing in email systems alone, using it to plug the gaps of missing or incomplete information within a CRM system seemed like the obvious thing to do. And so the process of extracting the email data and mapping it to a CRM system - signature scraping – has been developed.

In our live webinar which was held on October the 18th we discussed the positive change in effectiveness that signature scraping has had on legal CRM systems:

  • Practical examples of how firms are benefitting from the information an ERM (enterprise relationship management) can provide
  • Data quality improvements
  • How legal firms and vendors are starting to use AI, machine learning and predictive analytics as part of the ERM process
  • Is sentiment analysis likely to play a role in legal firms?
  • What does the future hold?

How Signature Scraping and ERM has Revolutionised CRM in Law Firms

Judge gavel beside a laptop

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