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Microsoft Copilot Studio: How AI is Boosting Speed to Knowledge in Financial Services

This webcast is best suited for Heads of Marketing, Customer Service, and Product Managers in Financial Services

What does a better customer experience look like for you?

How does operational efficiency improve your day?

As the financial services industry pivots towards innovative AI solutions, Microsoft Copilot Studio emerges as a natural language interface that allows your internal and external customers access to existing data and knowledge bases, increasing operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience

HSO and Microsoft invite you to watch this educational webcast to see how Copilot Studio puts information truly at the fingertips of your employees and customers.

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00:00 - Introduction & Housekeeping
03:57 - AI Maturity Scale
08:15 - HSO Demo: How fast does Copilot Studio get information to your fingertips?
15:44 - Microsoft Demo: How quickly is Copilot Studio set up?
21:23 - Industry AI Use Cases
21:30 - What are the risks of Copilot Studio?
27:37 - How can HSO help?
28:25 - Copilot Studio Pricing
29:27 - Q&A and Next Steps

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