On-Demand Webcast: Elevate banking UX/CX with AI-driven self-service from Dynamics 365 & Copilot

This webcast is best suited for Heads of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Product Managers

Banks grapple with customer service, sales, and marketing challenges that interfere with finding and doing business.

  • Fragmented data disrupts everything from marketing to customer service.
  • Manual processes waste time and increase errors.
  • And then there are regulatory and compliance concerns.

Modernize your business with Dynamics 365, Open AI, and Copilot for customer engagement, personalizing customer service across multiple channels, and employing data-driven techniques to better target marketing efforts and new business opportunities.

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Video Navigation

00:00 - Introduction & Housekeeping
03:25 - AI is a Digital Revolution & Microsoft’s Approach
06:26 - AI Use Cases in Banks: Marketing
09:21 - Demo: Marketing
18:24 - AI Use Cases in Banks: Sales
22:36 - Demo: Sales
25:45 - AI Use Cases in Banks: Customer Service
28:28 - Demo: Customer Service
36:32 - Questions & Answers
38:25 - Next Steps

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