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Lunch & Learn The HSO Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting Framework

The HSO ESG Reporting Framework helps companies tackle the 2024 increased regulatory reporting requirements, driven by many investment organisations and governmental bodies such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

The CSRD requires companies to report on the impact of corporate activities on the environment and society, and requires the audit (assurance) of reported information as part of the EU Green Deal.

Find out how the HSO ESG Reporting Framework enables companies to:

  • Undertake an analysis of their current pain points and defining their ESG Initiatives.
  • Gather insights from key business and IT stakeholders to understand the challenges or workloads that need to be built.
  • Use HSO Subject Matter Experts to create the initial design for the workloads that need to be built on the platform.

Watch the recording below.

Episode 22

The HSO Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting Framework

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