Lunch & Learn - HSO Dynamics 365 Monitoring Solution

Watch this webinar to find out what a Capture Solution is, how it works and the D365 Finance Invoice Processing. 

As part of our continuous improvement journey, HSO has introduced a new monitoring solution that delivers business insights in order to facilitate better decision making.

Our customers want to make sure that their D365 system is performing optimally. They want to have the confidence that it will deliver business value and underpin their corporate strategies. The HSO Monitoring solution can support this by automatically polling elements of the D365 system and ensuring that the system is working within defined parameters.

Where thresholds are likely to be exceeded, then the monitoring will alert the HSO managed services team who will take proactive measures to ensure the potential threat is alleviated. Furthermore, we can automatically monitor critical interfaces to understand what is happening at a detailed level and where errors are observed, take corrective action so the business is not negatively impacted.

In this webinar we covered: 

  • Find out how HSO is using Monitoring to underpin its managed services strategy
  • Hear about the proactive nature of the solution
  • Explore the breadth of capabilities and the future roadmap

Watch the recording below.

Episode 20

HSO Dynamics 365 Monitoring Solution

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