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Find and Cultivate More Project Opportunities Webinar

Part 1: Mastering the Construction Pursuit Lifecycle Series

The "Find and Cultivate More Project Opportunities" webinar is a pivotal part of construction360's 2024 webinar series, "Mastering the Construction Pursuit Lifecycle." This session focuses on innovative strategies for identifying and cultivating new project opportunities in construction:

  • Find new opportunities: Learn how AI and external market data sources can transform your approach to finding projects.
  • Effective Lead Management: Explore tactics to convert leads into viable project opportunities.
  • The Power of Digital Networking: Uncover hidden opportunities within your existing client and partner networks.
  • Strategic Account Management: Delve into techniques for growing revenue with your current clients and breaking into new markets.
  • Strategic planning and tracking: Discover how to effectively manage and track your firm's growth initiatives.

This webinar is more than just a learning experience; it's a step towards transforming your marketing and business development approach in the construction industry. Embrace this chance to gain actionable insights and practical strategies based on our Microsoft cloud-based software solutions for the construction industry.

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