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  • Demo: Microsoft Solutions for State and Local Government Inspections - Part 4: Field Technician Experience

Demo: Microsoft Solutions for Government Inspections - Part 4: Field Technician Experience

Part 4 of this 4-part demo series showcases a mobile application powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and the Microsoft Power Platform that provides field service technicians with offline functionality, real-time tracking, collaboration tools, remote assistance capabilities, and seamless work order management for maintaining critical infrastructures

In part 4 of this 4-part demo series, the mobile application for field service technicians takes center stage, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Designed to be accessible on smartphones and tablets, this application offers full offline functionality, ensuring technicians can perform their tasks even in remote locations. When a work order is scheduled, technicians receive instant notifications via text message and can access detailed order information within the field service application. They have the ability to update the order status, triggering notifications to the resource manager regarding their travel progress. Real-time tracking capabilities enable constant monitoring of the technician's location.

To facilitate seamless collaboration, the application includes a walkie-talkie feature integrated with Microsoft Teams, enabling technicians to communicate with their peers effortlessly. In situations requiring additional assistance, technicians can initiate a remote assist option, allowing them to seek help from another technician through remote communication channels. All interactions during the remote assistance are logged into the work order, ensuring transparency and accountability. Finally, upon completion of the assigned task, technicians can close out the work order, effectively addressing citizen requests and contributing to the maintenance of critical infrastructures.

Particularly relevant for government agencies responsible for public safety through vital facilities, this comprehensive mobile application alleviates the immense pressure faced by these organizations in upkeeping aging infrastructures.

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