Demo: Microsoft Solutions for Government Inspections - Part 1: Constituent Experience

Part 1 of this 4-part demo series presents a low-code portal utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform, where constituents can easily report issues to their local government with the help of an AI-powered virtual agent, automating case record creation and feedback collection for enhanced efficiency

In the first part of our 4-part series, we provide a demonstration of a low-code portal developed using the Microsoft Power Platform.

This portal has been crafted to provide constituents with a straightforward method to bring issues to the attention of their local government.

The system is augmented by a virtual agent, powered by AI and machine learning, which assists constituents through the process of issue reporting. It automates the generation of case records within CRM or 311 systems and captures constituent feedback through a survey. The aim of this demonstration is to highlight the user-friendly and efficient nature of the portal, easing the reporting process for constituents and government support teams alike.

By streamlining the way constituents report concerns and automating the creation of case records, the initial steps of reporting are not only simplified but also ensure the precise capture of crucial information. This allows government agencies to track and manage reported issues with greater efficiency, prioritize their resources more effectively, and resolve concerns swiftly. The outcome is an enhanced inspection management system, increased constituent satisfaction, and ultimately, the fostering of safer community spaces.

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