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  • Bringing the Power of AI to Retail

On-demand Webinar: Bringing the Power of AI to Retail

An on-demand webinar where we ignore the AI hype and focus on AI-enhanced retail applications that you can implement successfully now.

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Is your company ready for the many benefits that using Artificial Intelligence can bring?

In this exclusive on-demand webinar, we explore how AI is now reshaping the retail and distribution industries.

Here’s what we covered:

  • What’s real in AI today? - An exploration of the current state of AI implementation, separating fact from fiction.
  • How and where to use AI in RetailStrategic insights on leveraging AI for competitive advantage in buying and merchandising, store operations, marketing, supply chain management, and customer service.
  • Real-world examples - We didn't just talk theory. You’ll hear success stories - how companies like yours have leveraged AI to drive growth, enhance productivity, and make a positive ROI impact.
  • How to get ready for AI - Explore how Microsoft Copilot, our cutting-edge AI tool, can empower your organisation to execute business processes better.
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