OCU Group Partners with HSO and Microsoft for Cloud Based Solution to Support Accelerated Growth.

Robust digital transformation delivers operational excellence and transparency to ensure fiscal responsibility during expansion and support of future major energy transition projects.

OCU Group (“OCU”) has taken another key step in its remarkable growth journey by engaging Microsoft and HSO, a business transformation partner with deep industry expertise and global reach, to deliver a multi-phase digital transformation programme built around Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications and related Microsoft technologies.

The expansive project, which launched in August 2023, includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Fabric. It is a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution using the different applications within the platform and sparks an exciting new partnership between OCU and HSO.

OCU, has grown to be a leading national and international utilities and civil engineering delivery partner for Energy, Telecoms, Water and Transport.

In March 2023, the Stockport-based Group announced a record year, with another record-breaking year projected to follow because of continued organic growth and the Group’s ongoing acquisitions programme. By working with HSO to accelerate its digital transformation, OCU says it is positioning the Group for further growth and an incredibly exciting future. An important part of that future will be major Energy Transition projects to help support the UK Government’s commitment of achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Graham Billsborough, CIO at OCU Group stated:

"As OCU propels forwards, our investment in Microsoft's premier cloud-based business solutions, crafted in collaboration with OCU and HSO experts, is timely. This digital advancement will bolster our efficiency, enrich our data insights, and expedite our growth integration. With our expansive aspirations, our alliance with Microsoft and HSO promises swift realisation of our objectives."


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David Snowball, CFO at OCU Group stated:

“From a financial standpoint, the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its suite of applications is a game-changer. Our ambition includes enhanced financial visibility, streamlined reporting, and improved cost efficiencies with Microsoft's solutions. This digital transformation, in collaboration with HSO, not only aligns with our growth trajectory but also ensures robust financial management and transparency as we continue our expansion. It's a strategic move that solidifies our commitment to operational excellence and fiscal responsibility.”

Brian Henry, Industry Sector Director at HSO says:

“OCU sought the help of HSO because they wanted to digitally transform their business and adopt a ‘platform’ approach to system acquisition and integration. This will support their growth strategy. What HSO is creating for OCU is a modern, best-in-class, cloud-first ecosystem and platform that they can handle rapid growth, and which will help them scale with ease. That same ecosystem, of course, will also be central to the most efficient planning and delivery of world-class utility and energy engineering solutions to existing and new OCU clients. The solutions that HSO and Microsoft are putting in place will underpin OCU's growth plans and everything they do. It's an exciting digital transformation."

OCU Group has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey in collaboration with Microsoft and Global Solutions Partner, HSO. This partnership not only solidifies OCU's standing as a leader in utilities and civil engineering but also underscores its commitment to driving Energy Transition initiatives for a sustainable future. With visionary leadership and financial insights, this collaboration is poised to reshape OCU Group's landscape and foster unparalleled growth and innovation.

About OCU Group

OCU is an innovative service provider in the Utilities and Energy Industries, operating on a national scale. The Group delivers a wide range of client-focused business solutions throughout the UK and Ireland, working with a large blue-chip client base in all utility areas including Power, Energy, Telecoms, Water, Rail and Directional Drilling. 

On the 4th of August 2022, OCU was acquired by Triton Partners, one of Europe’s leading investment firms. Triton was founded in 1997, with a belief in engaging with boards, managers, and employees to build better businesses, primarily in Northern Europe. The company focuses on developing medium-sized companies with the potential to create sustainable, long-term value. Triton operates from 12 offices across the world with their current portfolio of companies having combined annual revenues of over €18bn. 

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