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Gain a 360-degree view of your business-critical relationships with advanced automation and insights

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Is your organization maximizing the value of its relationships?

Did you know that a staggering 50-70% of your key business contacts may remain hidden or buried outside of your CRM system? Even with the best CRM software, most companies suffer from incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated information about their relationships. It's time to change that.

Relationships by HSO is a cloud-based Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) solution that fully automates and revolutionizes how you manage your connections. Powered by the Microsoft Cloud, it leverages advanced insights and AI that turns relationship management into relationship intelligence.

Unlike other contact management tools that only house a list of people you know, Relationships is an automated relationship intelligence tool that uncovers and maximizes relationships you didn’t even know you had, allowing you to more easily manage and grow your business without the hassle of manually updating CRM.

With Relationships by HSO, your organization can expect to see:

For Marketing Teams

  • Easily build and segment up-to-date marketing lists
  • Reduce manual data entry and cleanup with automatic contact capture
  • Experience better campaign and event responses by maximizing your audience reach
  • Develop more qualified leads by focusing on the warmest relationships

Key Features

  • 1

    Full Automation of Contact Creation

    • Identify companies of interest through email domains
    • Create contacts and relationships from Outlook and Exchange
    • Flexible rules for creating contacts and relationships
    • Utilize historical Exchange data for a complete picture

  • 2

    Advanced Contact Processing

    • Harvest data from existing software systems
    • Enrich contact data from email signatures
    • Automatically match contacts with domains associated to companies in the system
    • Secure your data in the Microsoft Cloud

  • 3

    Relationship Scoring

    • Utilize data from emails, meetings, notes, tasks, and calls
    • Score activities based on pre-determined metrics
    • Facilitate intelligent introductions with up-to-date relationship details
    • Optimize pitch teams based on relationship strength

  • 4

    Business Intelligence

    • Improve insights with easy-to-understand dashboards
    • Monitor watch-list and potentials
    • Easily customize the information that matters most to your business
    • Proactively identify early stage risks and opportunities

Why choose Relationships by HSO?

Relationships by HSO can help you harvest and mine contact and relationship data automatically without user intervention and without compromising on security. Get the benefits you expect from your contact and relationship management system and automatically associate new contacts with the right companies, update contact names and title changes, avoid duplicate entries, quantify interactions between your staff and your clients, and much more.

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