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Every organisation, regardless of size, industry, or geography, faces seismic change in markets, competitive landscape, strategies, and business requirements - sometimes expected, sometimes not. Regardless, when things shift, you need to pivot, which is made more difficult (or impossible) by legacy technology that can’t keep up. And if you’re a large, global enterprise, the challenge is even more daunting.

We’re experiencing a generational transition in the way that organisations use, buy, and operate software. The past era focused on implementing point solutions to solve specific business needs. Today’s forward-looking organisations are taking platform-first approaches upon which they deploy solutions to emerging challenges in less time, at lower cost, through integration with other business processes and data than what was previously possible. These Enterprises are leveraging Microsoft’s Cloud Application Platform - including Power Platform, Azure, and Modern Workplace - to modernise legacy technology, meet new business needs, re-imagine existing applications, and enable citizen developers.

The Microsoft Cloud Application Platform a top Modern Data Architecture

HSO’s Power Platform Cloud Assessment

The Power Platform Assessment jump-starts your cloud transformation with an understanding of the current state, goals for platform adoption and actionable next steps. In a matter of weeks, we will together build your roadmap to the cloud, agile business processes, better insights and always-on service - whatever your journey calls for - using real-life business cases chosen by you.

This proven approach is led by experts with a track record of helping global enterprises achieve significant ROI while reducing app development costs in a surprisingly short period. Together with your organisation’s Platform Owner, CoE Team and IT Stakeholders, we’ll work through cloud adoption envisioning and business impact assessments before creating your Adoption Plan that summarises the findings and provides actionable recommendations.

A comprehensive review of your organisation’s platform maturity in preparation for transformation

  • 1

    Enterprise Management Assessment: The Foundation for Success

    Five pillars and 22 component dimensions are continuously matured in your organisation. The Enterprise Management Maturity Model helps us assess the maturity and identify both organisational risk and opportunities to generate new business value:

    • Power Platform Management
    • Enterprise Architechture
    • Application Lifecycle Management
    • Mature Security
    • User Empowerment
  • 2

    Envisioning and Business Impact Assessment

    A prioritised backlog of workloads are candidates for migration to the platform. We identify and prioritise the initial workload roadmap that will drive business value. We collaborate with your executive sponsors, stakeholders and platform owner to:

    • Share knowledge about the technology
    • Understand the organisational dynamics
    • Set business value goals for platform adoption
    • Identify and prioritise candidate workloads
    • Design a solution to be built on the platform
  • 3

    The Result: Your Adoption Plan

    The assessments provide valuable insight for the HSO team, resulting in a comprehensive Power Platform Adoption Plan to guide upcoming work in cloud adoption, business impact, and app transformation. This is your blueprint to progress platform adoption and business value over the next year (and beyond), including:

    • Assessment of enterprise management maturity
    • Recommended enterprise management actions
    • Prioritised backlog of workloads to be built
    • Business value assessment of the backlog
    • Design of the first solution to be built

Getting Started: Launching Your Transformation

The great news? By completing the Power Platform Cloud Assessment, your organisation is already laying solid foundations for transformation that will:

  • Meet new business requirements by quickly building new solutions for emerging yet complex business challenges, needs, or use cases
  • Re-imagine existing processes or applications by modernising for mobile/web, automation, chatbot, data visualisa-tion, or AI/predictive analytics and a single source of truth for data
  • Sunset end-of-life legacy technologies (e.g., InfoPath, Lotus Notes, SharePoint workflows/apps, Access, legacy CRM/ERP) by migrating to new solutions
  • Enable citizen developers to build their own productivity-grade apps to meet less-complex needs, whilst managing platform governance top-down

Your Role: Come Prepared

We’ll be taking on a big effort together in a short period of time. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Be ready to participate, provide constructive input and act on what you learn.
  • Gather the right people, including your executive sponsor, business stakeholders, and IT platform owner, and ensure they can devote the time required for the process.
  • Think ahead about which business groups to target, quantifiable goals and challenges to address.
  • Be ready to take action on the outcome of our time together!

Next steps: A Thriving Partnership

Talk to the team about our Cloud Transformation as a Service approach for ongoing application transformation, cloud adoption and driving continuous business impact. This is underpinned by the Power Platform Adoption Framework, co-authored by several specialists on the team, meaning you’re in safe hands every step of the way. We work with you closely to ramp up your transformation and keep you moving forward as your needs, challenges, and goals evolve.

The HSO Cloud Transformation as a Service framework


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