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Automate and scale operations, meet regulatory compliance, and improve decision-making across your business

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Elevate Your Regulated Industry Operations with HSO's Cutting-Edge Solution

HSO for Regulated Industries now offers an industry-first solution that enhances the key capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure on-going compliance, scalability and growth. HSO will license and deliver Merit Solutions which allows us to now deliver a complete solution stack to improve results across the value chain.

Regulated industries, encompassing sectors like life sciences, food and beverage, and biotechnology, are incredibly intricate and ever-changing. Efficient operations and compliance with stringent regulations are paramount for success. HSO understands the necessity for a responsive IT infrastructure that controls compliance costs while boosting business performance and timely product launches. The growing demands for research, development, and regulatory adherence emphasize the need for flexible operational environments. HSO empowers regulated manufacturers to enhance process efficiencies, brace for rapid growth, and drive valuation while ensuring country-specific regulatory compliance. Real-time access to production and business data is crucial for informed decisions, compliance maintenance, and operational efficiency within these industries, where time-to-market and profitability pressures are relentless. Striking a balance between innovation and manufacturing existing products is a constant challenge, making a reliable partner and comprehensive solution indispensable.

With Merit Solutions and Microsoft, HSO now offers an industry-focused technology platform with the applications needed to meet the unique needs of companies in regulatory service industries.  These organizations can now benefit from secure, cloud-based solutions that improve procurement, production, inventory/warehousing and quality control, enabling them to deliver more innovative, effective and safer products to market.

This offering advances Microsoft D365 cloud first ERP to help biotech, pharma, F&B, nuclear energy, and medical device organizations (product owners, CMOs, and CDMOs) better manage procurement, production, inventory and warehousing, and quality controls while streamlining the complex processes that come with a highly regulated manufacturing environment. It also provides Azure based GxP Docs to help streamline, automate, and securely manage and control critical documents as part of the digital life science solution.

Benefits and capabilities of the solution include:

  • Tracking quality metrics
  • Managing non-conformance
  • Ensuring products meet GMP requirements
  • Enforcing digital controls
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Mapping resource qualifications to production requirements
  • Monitoring vendor relationships in procurement to help ensure quality standards are met in manufacturing
  • Providing your organization with visibility and transparency to deliver safe, innovative products
  • And much more

With regulated industry expertise, 24/7 support and secure, cloud-based solutions, HSO is your trusted business advisor for digital transformation leveraging the Microsoft platform. ​Our compliant and effective business solutions help companies in regulated industries:​​

  • Drive growth readiness and operational efficiency ​
  • Achieve and maintain quality and regulatory compliance standards (cGMPs and CFRs)​
  • Improve supply chain resiliency​
  • Provide predictive and proactive service
  • Modernize their finance and accounting systems​
  • Improve decision-making and better manage data across the product lifecycle

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