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Striving to improve business processes is a fundamental driver for every business. Being an Evergreen business application, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an opportunity for customers to continually improve business processes, by adopting newly released technical and functional features.

Our response to combat the massive amount of information that is available is HSO Impact Assessments. We analyse the new capabilities and changes coming up for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the underly-ing platform, and then build a personalised roadmap for each custo-mer, so that they are able to take advantage of the changes ahead.

Through a thorough understanding of your business, and the Micro-soft Dynamics 365 Roadmap, HSO will analyse the new features and changes, and deliver a tailored set of reports which outline:

  • A summary of every new functional or technical feature being released
  • The impact of the new features

These Assessments are customer focused, value added programs that support your drive for continuous improvement.

What are the benefits?

These Impact Assessments can be offered as part of a Foundation Services Agreement.


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