ERP for Public Sector

Secure, efficient, reliable management of vendors, contracts, and procurement for responsible spending, cost savings, and compliance

As a public sector organization, managing how you spend money is of utmost importance. You must stretch your funds as far as they can go, carefully track spending and adhere to budgets, manage your vendor relationships and contracts, and be fully transparent to oversight entities as well as the people you serve.

Managing important areas like vendor relationships and contracts, procurement and spending, accounting and workflows, and security throughout your organization requires the right technology solution, built by experts that understand the needs of the public sector. That’s where HSO can help.

With the Microsoft platform as its foundation, ERP for Public Sector taps into the power of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to drive efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Vendor and Contract Management

Public sector agencies are challenged with tight budgets and even tighter regulations regarding vendor selection and awarding contracts. ERP for Public Sector takes the guesswork out of requisitioning, bidding, contract management and monitoring, payments, and so on, you close the holes in your processes that can lead to increased costs.

Productivity Features

Public sector agencies need to work smart, utilizing resources to their fullest. ERP for Public Sector helps dramatically improve productivity with a transaction processing workspace, providing real-world journal entry upload usage that allows upload of all journal types across multiple companies from a single Excel fi le, as well as a cockpit view to manage transaction processing. Workflow is extended for master records such as main accounts, dimensions, vendor, and project contracts.

Enhanced Security

Security has become a serious concern across the public sector. Many agencies segregate by either department or agency or by some other kind of organizational structure. ERP for Public Sector includes the ability to segregate information by department, fund, agency, or another dimension. Your people see and work with only their information, within their designated area. This not only saves time and money; it provides an extra level of security.

  • Standardization of revenue management processes
  • Improved accuracy of data and enterprise, federal, and recipient reporting
  • Reduced risk: Organizational, data security, and audit
  • Improved staff efficiency and productivity, reduction of paper generation and storage
  • Low, subscription-based cost, based on the needs of the entity and number of users

See how ERP for Public Sector can help your organization thrive:

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