Solutions for Credit Unions: Attract New Members and Keep Them Loyal

Create strong member relationships and bring in new business

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As a credit union, you face unique challenges that have only been increased or accelerated as customer demands have changed—due to economic factors, a long-lasting pandemic, technological advances, and more.

HSO can help.

To compete with commercial banks—especially the handful of major institutions the majority of households do business with—credit unions must stay in front of conditions and trends that are rapidly changing and difficult to anticipate:

  • 1

    The changing role of branches from transactional hubs to sources for advice, sales, and services

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    The constant push to reduce expenses by streamlining operations and strategically placing branches in areas with growth potential

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    Universally growing demand for digital banking, which is no longer a convenience, but a necessity for managing accounts, making payments, transferring money and more

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    Overcoming through effective marketing the consumer perception that they do not have the same technology capabilities—like digital and mobile banking—as large banks

Most importantly, it is the mission of any credit union to improve the lives of their members and community, including small businesses that are struggling even more in the wake of a global pandemic

HSO & Microsoft help your Credit Union thrive in the new digital age

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union increased its media buy efficiency by 20% in just three months with HSO's Credit Union solution.

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Customer Case

DUCA Credit Union reaches aggressive growth goal

By partnering with HSO Canada, DUCA credit union increased its media buy efficiency by 20% in just three months.

Read DUCA's Success Story

Provide excellent service to members and attract new ones with a fully integrated solution

Powered by Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365, HSO’s Solution for Credit Unions are designed to help you better understand and relate to each of your members and gain operational control over sales, service, marketing, and social engagement insights–focusing on the unique needs of credit unions:

  • Metrics-driven, new client attraction
  • Campaign management
  • Improved client retention

HSO’s credit union solution provides full operational control over all aspects of the business while addressing two major concerns for all credit unions, defending against fraud and simplifying the onboarding process, to help accelerate account opening and eliminating duplication of effort.

Enhance Reporting & Insights through AI & Customer Data Analysis

Credit Union Innovation with Dynamics

Improve Customer Experience with Collaboration, Personalized Interactions, and Bespoke Solutions

Explore a personalized experience with Copilot, engage with customers through innovative chat experiences, leverage intelligent data systems for sales and business development, collaborate effectively using Teams, enjoy easy mobile access, and benefit from bespoke applications with Power Apps.

Why AI for Credit Unions?

Exceptional member services are the backbone of every successful credit union. That's why we are excited to present Microsoft Copilot, a groundbreaking solution that will revitalize your membership experience through the power of AI and self-service.

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