Backorder Strategies

Backorder Strategies gives you a comprehensive tool to implement your backorder policies in a variety of situations.

A general requirement in order fulfillment is to ship as many sales items as possible in a timely manner with minimal shipping costs.

There are always times when the entire order cannot be shipped at once. There may be a general company policy for this case. Often, circumstances and customer preferences dictate how this situation is handled.


Attributes & Functionality

Backorder management allows for the customization of options for different products, customers, and fulfillment percentages. A backorder matrix is used to determine conditions for release to the warehouse based on the sales order strategy. This strategy can also be applied to intercompany orders, and wave processing can be done automatically or manually.

Supply backlog strategies can be configured for different situations, such as fulfillment policies, customers, and intercompany orders. The backorder strategy is taken from the customer's fulfillment policy and can be modified in special cases. The option to cancel backorders, particularly those with the "No backorder" strategy, is available both in batch and for specific items or customers.

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