Recent global events have sped up the digital migration and at the same time caused significant disruption to global supply chains. To survive in this climate retailers must adapt quickly by creating seamless, cost-effective, fast and flexible retail management solutions. To succeed, the customer must be placed at the centre of these decisions.   

Trusted by many well-known industry names, HSO combine extensive experience and knowledge in the retail sector with technology enabled business transformation.  We work seamlessly around the world and across borders to empower global retailers to become digital first organisations and exceed customer expectations.  

Retail Challenges

As the world enters the post COVID age, retailers around the world are asking the question: what is next for the industry?

Should we keep our physical stores open? Can we staff them? Are we able to compete online? And can we meet customer service expectations, now and in the future?

What retail challenge are you facing?



Providing customers with the same service and experience everywhere, from any sales channel and at any time, this is Omnichannel. A customer does not expect anything else. A successful omnichannel approach therefore demands a lot from your logistics and customer service.


Order Management

Retailers are increasingly selling through more and more different channels. For example, a Bol select package must be sent immediately with customers demanding next or even same day delivery. To avoid stock-outs, retailers must be able to move stock quickly between different locations, such as stores, concessions and partners, while keeping healthy warehouse stock for eCommerce orders.


Pricing & margin management

Product prices and margins are no longer a given; they’re dynamic. Constantly changing markets demand flexibility in your price structure. Management based on margins is becoming increasingly important for retailers. A good cost-to-serve calculation grants better insight into your integral cost price, which helps determine whether your investments are sound. Without, it is not clear if it’s better to part ways with a certain product or customer.


Where has everyone gone.... resource challenges

Retail has always dealt with high-employee turnover, but recent trends in the employment market has exacerbated this issue. McKinsey reports that 83% of retailers are struggling to recruit the right people. From increasing hiring costs to training new people and dealing with low morale, staffing issues affect the whole organisation.

Microsoft and Retail

Microsoft, looking to empower every person and every organisation, has made significant investments to ready their platform to suit the needs of retail organisations across the world. By combining Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, the company has created a platform like no other. Microsoft has comprehensive tools to help retail organisations. From serving customers and filling orders to managing the supply chain and helping retail teams stay on top of tasks, Microsoft has it covered. At the core, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management form an enterprise-grade ERP solution. Multi-site, multi-currency and highly scalable. Beyond ERP , Dynamics 365 enables retail companies to streamline their Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, solve order fulfillment needs with Intelligent Order Management, both from and through physical stores as well as B2C and B2B e-commerce stores with Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Yet, Dynamics 365 remains a Microsoft product, with a user experience resembling products you already know like windows and the Microsoft Office suite, providing easy of use and a lower total cost of ownership. And, should you face a scenario unique to you that Dynamics 365 does not cater for, you always have the option to call upon the Power Platform.

With the Microsoft Cloud for Retail, Microsoft is looking to accelerate the business growth of retailers worldwide, specifically addressing challenges around the value of data, the modern shopping experience, sustainable supply chains and empowered store associates.

HSO for Retail


Smart Retail

The new approach to shopping is phigital, or a combination of physical and digital shopping experiences. To keep up with these changes retailers need clear values and vision as well at the digital infrastructure and people to predict further changes and create innovative ways to stay ahead. This is where HSO come in. We bring together expertise in implementing data-machine learning and AI technology, along with deep industry knowledge and experience in empowering the use of these technologies.


HSO Intelligent Order Management

The Intelligent Order Management System is a 'rule based engine', where you can draw up rules yourself based on characteristics, such as the type of order and the specific order method, delivery time and so on. The moment you have added all those characteristics, and your order has gone through the business rule engine, as it were, then you can process the order in your ERP system. Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management 'orchestrates' the fulfilment.

Global Presence, Global Practice

At HSO, we believe global retailers should be approached with a global mindset. Your organisation is a global organisation looking to centralize and harmonize business processes across countries. The Microsoft cloud for Retail, with Dynamics 365 at the core, is the right platform to help you grow your business. So what’s next? You need a team of global specialists. Experts that have either spent many years in retail, or completed many business transformation projects in the industry and know the Microsoft solutions insight out.

HSO delivers the answer – complete enterprise retail management capabilities, for all channels to market. HSO International provides the backbone that brings critical functions together – fully integrated into a single, comprehensive cloud solution. HSO international uses a single team to transform your IT landscape world-wide with no handovers or handoffs: Your business doesn’t stop at the border so neither do we. We call that Global Presence, Global Practice.

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