Companies that react quickly to trends and customer requirements are the champions of tomorrow

The demand for fast deliveries, higher quality and lower costs brings many challenges for companies in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, there are ever stricter laws and regulations and a strong demand for innovative products, packaging and personalization.

No wonder that quality assurance and compliance are high on the agenda in the pharmaceutical and health industry. Today’s challenges in health and pharma IT include traceability of batches, advanced planning and make-or-buy decisions with a constant focus on improving supply chain efficiencies.

3 trends in health and pharma IT


Robotics, Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT)

Robots and 3D printers are being used more pervasively in production and design processes., Today, Healthcare leaders are leveraging IoT and modern line of business systems, such as Microsoft D365 for Operations, to sell new and distinctive services to customers. In addition to communication between machines, this also requires investment in sensors and software and the right partners, to prove and implement the models that enable Machine Learning to yield large scale business benefits.


The unpredictable prediction

IoT sensors are prevalent across production floors and hospital emergency rooms. Data is being streamed continuously from many different sources. Companies can collect more data when setting up IoT projects than ever before. This can be combined with external data such as weather conditions, weather forecasts, humidity and temperature and other public service announcements. Using data and smart algorithms, companies and healthcare personnel can improve resource planning by predicting demand spike events and on production floors save valuable time, money and resources when smart operators are able to predict the best moment to perform maintenance whilst having the lowest operational impact


Smart working leads to better results

Tomorrow's winners are those business and IT leaders who succeed in increasing their organisational agility by working smarter together - both internally and externally. Using cloud technology, the smart CIOcan create safe, reliable and compliant platforms for successful collaboration.

Optimizing their supply chain

Modern technology and advanced business solutions help business leaderstackle these challenges. In addition, using big data and predictive analytics, companies gain better insights and can continuously evolve and improve their business processes, implement intelligent marketing strategies and optimize their supply chain.

Another success factor for the market leaders in the process industry is intelligent collaboration with suppliers and distribution partners. Portals and safe cloud technology facilitate successful partnerships. All with the same goal: to provide the end customer with a flexible and optimal service and an improved overall experience.