HSO Innovation is delighted to announce that we have a new partnership. Just recently HSO Innovation and FPT Software have signed a partnership of which we hope that it will be a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation between our two companies and increase the reach of HSO Innovation’s solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. FPT Software is Vietnam’s largest and one of the fastest-growing software companies with over 11,000 software outsourcing projects in the last 19 years. 

FPT Software is part of the FPT Corporation the global leading technology and IT services group headquartered in Vietnam with nearly US$2 billion in revenue and 32,000 employees. FPT Software delivers world-class services in smart factory, digital transformation, enterprise mobilization, cloud solutions, AR/VR, AI, IoT, Robotic Process Automation, embedded systems, managed services, testing, platform modernization, business applications, application services and more. The company operates globally from delivery centers across the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, Vietnam and the Asia Pacific.

FPT Software has a broad presence in diverse global markets and is a specialist in shaping world-class networks of global delivery centers. FPT Software’s main focus is on the automotive, banking & finance (BFSI), media & entertainment and healthcare industry.

FPT Software’s vision is to be a company guided by technological innovations, committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, contributing to national prosperity and providing its employees with the most favorable working environment possible, thus enabling them to reach their full potential in their professional careers as well as their morale.