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  • Webinar Strategies to Meet Revenue Growth Demands with aec360

Webinar: Strategies to Meet Revenue Growth Demands with aec360

Let's discuss revenue growth and winning bids hinges on efficiency, engagement, optimization, data-driven decisions, and innovation.

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May 15


3:00 PM - 3:30 PM





Why should you attend this webinar?

For Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms today, meeting the demands for revenue growth and increased bids and proposals hinges on several key factors: efficiency, client engagement, resource optimization, data-driven decision-making, and innovation. AEC firms must invest in cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes, and adaptable capabilities to navigate the ever-evolving market dynamics while delivering unparalleled value to clients.

By harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, aec360 seamlessly integrates various critical aspects of your organisation's operations. This integration empowers you to enhance your ability to secure and secure contracts, efficiently execute projects, confidently oversee financial matters, and attract and retain top-tier talent.

In this 30-minute webinar we will provide an overview on how aec360 can:

  • Centralize marketing efforts and effortlessly track campaign performance.
  • Cultivate stronger client relationships and uncover new business opportunities.
  • Efficiently manage projects from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery and client satisfaction.
  • Streamline accounting processes and gain real-time financial visibility.
  • Simplify HR management with tools for employee onboarding, performance evaluation, and resource planning.

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