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Episode 1 – Why you cannot succeed with technology alone

HSO helps organisations across the word improve business performance with technology. But technology is not actually the route to success. It is not a case of selecting the best systems, getting them in place, and watching as results follow. Technology alone will not help. There’s a more important thing to consider first, as HSO Managing Director David Little explains in this edition of the Dynamics Matters podcast.

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Episode 2 – An outside-in perspective

When you have worked in the IT industry for a long time, you have a developed sense of things. Why technology takes the direction it does. Why Microsoft focuses in one area over another. But for someone coming from the outside in, these reasons are not as clear. And a fresh perspective is what you’ll gain by tuning in to this edition of the Dynamics Masters podcast series.

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Episode 3 – How to create an agile business

Custom integrations. Legacy systems. Mergers. Acquisitions. Disappearing knowledge. Over time, these things serve to create a melting pot of issues when it comes to running a business, and managing data, in the most agile way possible. But the reality is they will continue. Systems grow old. As businesses grow, mergers will happen. And people will leave. So, what can you do to stymie the tide of business slow down? How can you unshackle the potential of your systems, data and people? In this podcast we discuss why having an agile business is so important. And how you can achieve it.

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Episode 4 – Multi-Channel Retailing

It has long been understood that customers no longer engage or buy in just one way. And that providing a consistent buying experience across each platform gives retailers more opportunities to connect and sell. Yet achieving this multi-channel experience remains a challenge for many. In this podcast, Microsoft retail and consumer good technology specialist, Colm McArdle, describes why this is, and what steps retailers can take to address more customers in more way and in the most engaging way possible.

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Episode 5 – Did you catch the best bits from Microsoft Ignite 2021?

A recent study found that nearly 61% of companies expect over half their sales to come from digital channels in the next couple of years. At the same time, over 50% felt their supply chains were unprepared to meet growing digital commerce needs. In the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft announced several new tools to help. And in this edition of Dynamics Matters podcast we’ll rattle through some of the highlights.

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Episode 6 – Why your analytics is probably lying to you

Analytics software is a stable of any proactive IT landscape. Used well it can spot trends in your data, offer direction, and support business strategy. But it has one major flaw: it’s only as good as the data that feeds. If the variety, or quality, of data is compromised, then whatever your analytics shows is a lie, because it tells only part of the story. And that itself may be in accurate. In this podcast we delve into this challenge further and discuss how you can go about solving it.

Episode 7 – Using technology to connect with communities

The role of local government is to support, and ideally improve, the lives of the communities it serves. As the population grows and changes, this is increasingly difficult to do, so how can technology help local government authorities engage and support people better in a world of finite resources? This short podcast tells you how.

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