HSO is delighted to announce that Andy Venter has joined as the new Public Sector Lead for HSO UK.

HSO is delighted to announce that Andy Venter has joined as the new Public Sector Lead for HSO UK.

Joining from Microsoft and with over 20 years of technology and Public Sector experience at his disposal, Andy will use his knowledge to help organisations deliver more value to citizens and communities.

With Public Sector organisations operating in a cost-conscious environment, Andy and his team will advise how to extract more value from existing technology investments. Using low-cost, quick to deliver solutions to bridge the gap between back-end systems and front-line delivery, field and back-office staff will have the tools they need to meet public service needs.

In support of those looking to digitally transform, HSO’s Public Sector team will help identify the best way to implement technology solutions that connects public services, via the cloud, whilst delivering them in a cost efficient and scalable way.

HSO Public Sector Lead, Andy Venter, commented, “The Public Sector, unlike any other industry, operates in a pool of every macro and micro peril that can confound an organisation. Political and economic influences, levelling up, regeneration, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and more, all the while battling against cost and skills constraints. Yet with the right approach, technology as an enabler affords those operating in the Public Sector the means to improve the lives of the people they serve. I am delighted to take on the challenge of helping organisations improve the ability of their staff to connect and fulfil the needs of the public.”

David Little, HSO Managing Director, added, “In Andy, HSO has someone able to marry together the challenges of public service delivery with the best approach to technology adoption. It’s an exciting time for HSO, as we continue to increase our focus on the Public Sector, and Andy’s appointment further demonstrates our investment in employing great people and our commitment to supporting Public Sector organisations in their digital transformation.

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