Transform your business with intelligent manufacturing ERP software from Microsoft Dynamics

A comprehensive, cloud-based collection of apps which seek to break down the silos between front-and back-end processes traditionally present in manufacturing software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps manufacturers unify their operations, gain better visibility of processes, and engage with their customers better.

The increasing accessibility of digital manufacturing tools, such as cloud storage, software, and IoT sensors is making it more possible than ever to create “smart factories” where devices, assets, and resources all over the world can sync together to make the industry more productive.

Discrete, batch to repetitive manufacturers can all benefit from digitally transforming their operations.

Video Series

Manufacturing Agility - Using technology to predict & adapt

Our new video series shows how technology can improve, enhance and adapt the way that manufacturers work. Take a look at episode 1 or click the button below to view the whole series so far.

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HSO Expert View Series
Are you prepared for a rapidly changing supply chain?

It is a tough environment for manufacturers today. You’re challenged with rapid product development, getting the highest profits by being first to market, dealing with shortening product lifeHSO Expert View - Planning cycles and global competition.

In our latest Expert View series, a new and thought provoking 8-part series, taking you on a modern digital journey through the manufacturing supply chain, we talk about how to:

  • Adapt to disruptions successfully
  • Ensure business continuity during distress
  • Make data-driven decisions confidently in a crisis

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