Connecting communities and improving lives through Microsoft technology

Pressure on spend; Reduced income; a lack or shortage of skills; growing demand for services from an expanding population. Providing the support your community needs is a challenge. A challenge compounded when coordinating services built around excel spreadsheets and an assortment of legacy technology. But with the right mix, you can support the most vulnerable; create thriving communities; protect the public; support sustainability efforts. Here’s how.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects the services you provide directly with the public you serve. As a cloud-based technology, you can access systems remotely, and collaborate securely with your remote working staff, making it easy to direct resources and manage needs. For example, connecting Health Care workers or first responders via technology such as chat, call, video and photo sharing, into a single system, allows better decisions to be made faster.

Health & Social care integration – Local Government research paper

This year saw what was billed as a landmark moment in the future of adult social care: the publication of the government’s health and care integration white paper.

To see how prepared councils are for the integration of health and social care, HSO and the Local Government Chronicle undertook a survey to identify concerns that need to be addressed and support that councils need.

Embracing the new digital 'normal' in Local Government

Discover why Covid has broken the fear factor around digital transformation and how Local Authorities have successfully adapted. Download this special report, for thought leadership, expert analysis and practical case studies about this critical moment for local government:

LGC report 2021

Podcast: How technology connects communities

The role of local government is to support, and ideally improve, the lives of the communities it serves. As the population grows, this becomes increasingly difficult to do. So how can technology help local government authorities engage and better support people when resources are constrained? Listen to this podcast to discover how.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Digital Transformation for Local Government eBook

"We've seen two years' worth of digital transformation in two months. From remote teamwork and learning, to sales and customer service, to critical cloud infrastructure and security - we are working alongside customers every day to help them adapt and stay open for business in a world of remote everything."

Improve service delivery for your community by improving digital services. This eBook provides guidance for those considering a move to the cloud:

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Serving the needs of Local Government with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Local and Regional Government authorities face growing pressure to provide high-quality services and improved outcomes whilst contending with ever tightening budgets.

Constraints that together with increasing case-loads and administration, make it harder for your people to do their job.

To meet these challenges, your systems need to be easy to use, yet improve efficiency while cutting costs. You want your field and back-office staff to have the tools they need to serve your community, and to be more accessible. You also want a way to give your community a voice – to request services, support, and help. This is where HSO can help.

Seamless integration with other Microsoft technology such as Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and PowerBI enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect front-line workers and back-line support functions, with the people you serve.

An integrated relationship management, financial, and operations system provides real-time data, increased productivity and the ability to adapt to changing legislative and administrative requirements. This helps you tailor and speed up service delivery, with increased accountability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a foundation from which to deploy other technologies, and yet remain connected to.

Local government remote working infographic

How to improve community trust

Enabling your team to collaborate and remain connected wherever they work keeps much needed services flowing, but this isn’t the only benefit. By delivering a positive experience, citizens are 9x more likely to trust a government agency, as you will discover in this infographic.

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Local Gov Infographic

Delivering value for Local Government organisations such as ...

HSO and Agilisys working in partnership for Local Government

Combining Agilisys track record of solving complex challenges for local government organisations, together with HSOs deep technical know-how of Microsoft technology, particularly Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the partnership will deliver solutions that make it easier for local government organisations to deliver services that improve the lives of the communities they serve.

Podcast: The most important thing when choosing technology in local government

For the local government, technology plays a crucial role in connecting remote working employees to back-office support. This ensures responses are tracked, and next actions initiated quickly. But what are the things you need to consider when choosing the technology to meet your needs? This short podcast reveals all.

Digital Transformation Playbook

Digital transformation: Four elements to a successful strategy

This playbook can help you tackle the process of digital transformation in steps, providing you with a roadmap of that journey. And depending on where you are in its process, you can use this playbook from beginning to end or jump to the section that’s most relevant to you.

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How HSO serves the digital needs of Local Government using Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you're considering how to go about developing your digital services but don’t quite know where to start, or you have some capabilities but feel they need to be updated, our team can help you get started. We can help you understand the business case, align with your mission, define the best approach, and guide you to achieve your aims.

At HSO, our mission is to help Local Government organisations serve the needs of their communities more effectively, cost efficiently, and faster, by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect an often fragmented set of services. Contact us today to start your journey to empowering staff to support the needs of the people in your communities.

Our Microsoft capabilities


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Getting information from the field to your internal systems fast, can make the the difference between providing the support services needed, or not. It relies on connecting your organisation processes.


Microsoft Power Platform

If you want to respond to citizen needs, you are no longer dependent on IT for apps and reporting. Thanks to Microsoft Power Platform, anyone can now work with apps, workflows, reports and chatbots themselves.


Microsoft 365

Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, Windows are all tools designed to help staff work smarter, not harder. They improve collaboration between the back-office and those in the field delivering essential community services.


Data & Analytics

Sound data management and combined with analytics provides insight you can use to dictate how you use and manage your resources, ensuring the right support is provided to the right people at the right time.

Local government remote working paper

How to enable remote working

This paper is for local government authorities who want to know …

  • How local government authorities are moving services online
  • How to modernise technology to enable remote capabilities and service support
  • How to reduce admin time and costs through advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, chatbots and more
  • How to increase community access, input, information, and participation online

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Enabling Remote Government

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