Connected Field Service Management Software to drive performance in your company

Customer satisfaction, team productivity and profitability are at the centre of any successful Field Service organisation – and the bar for excellence is set high.

The question is how to get the right field technician, with the right knowledge and the right equipment, to the right place at the right time.

The solution? Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service – powerful end-to-end field service management software with integrated CRM functionality that makes it easy to stay on top of all aspects of the field service process, benefitting planners, technicians, and service managers alike.


The future of Field Service Management

Field service management software can increase the rate of jobs completed each day by up to 47% & reduce overtime by up to 77%. Download our white paper The Future of Field Service Management | Advancing Marketing Trends & Emerging Technologies.

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A Day in the Life of a Field Service Engineer

Today’s service organisations are faced with increased competition, advancing technology, and an ever-evolving workforce. In order to maintain competitive advantage, streamlining operations is key. HSO Advanced Field Service can help achieve these objectives, no matter what your industry or what you’re servicing. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of a Field Service engineer to see how.

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Benefits of using Microsoft Field Service Management Software


  • Despatch a technician or engineer only when it is necessary
  • Improve profitability by utlising automatic service delivery optimisation
  • Increase first time fix rates and reduce no action visits
  • Know your technician’s real-time location, performance, adherence with assigned jobs & hours
  • Allocate works orders faster and manage task distribution on a daily basis
  • Manage your contract and maintenance agreements with ease and improve customer satisfaction
  • Seamless, fully integrated automation provides SMS messaging to workforce & customers to ensure time windows are met
  • Safety & liability functionality for engineers visiting hazardous locations
  • Increase speed of onboarding new engineers with intuitive, role-driven interfaces and deep learning experiences with built-in intelligence
  • Meet high demands and customer expectations
  • Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) , mixed reality (AR) or IoT (Internet of Things) to accurately advise and guide engineers through the service operation.



  • Disparate systems administration become a thing of the past
  • Reporting becomes a dream
  • Speed & mobility issues are resolved
  • Security worries are banished
  • Health & safety regulations are streamlined and processed
  • Omni-channel communication becomes clear



  • Assess performance management by using dashboard and reporting analytics for insight into operational effectiveness & cost centres
  • Increase productivity, efficiency & revenue growth
  • Obtain company-wide visibility
  • Make data-driven decisions to help transform your field service operation into a profit centre


What Microsoft Dynamics can bring you

In the world of manufacturing, a matrix of product variants, versions, changing specifications and time-to-market can put a lot of pressure on your business. Manufacturers also have to deal with global competition.

Where manufacturers of machinery and equipment traditionally focused on complete customer-specific development, modern industrial companies offer complete lifecycle support with a full-service approach. In addition to design, configuration and installation and repair services, more and more productions companies add preventive maintenance and rental service too.

Today’s consumers shop when and where it’s most convenient. Using new devices like tablet computers and smartphones, they extend “store hours” to 24/7. They share their experiences via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites, extensively browse product websites, and check online customer reviews when deciding what to buy.

Brand loyalty now comes with a much greater expectation… the complete shopping experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail provides customer engagement capabilities that include store operations, channel management, order management, marketing and care, and business intelligence and more back office capabilities like procurement and financial support.

The wholesale distribution market is dynamic and challenging. Today’s wholesale organisations need to transform themselves from traditional trading companies into information and service-oriented distribution businesses.

Customers are demanding lower prices, shorter delivery times and tailored systems and services with accurate, real-time information. They want to collaborate and communicate efficiently with their partners in the value chain. But even as wholesalers and distributors work to meet these increasingly complex customer demands, they also face the challenges of rising transport costs and margin pressure in an increasingly international business world.

It is vital for project and service driven organisations to keep tight control over their costs. To achieve this, they need real-time insight into the progress of a project, its budget consumption and the resources it uses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates all relevant processes within the organisation, including finance, project control, purchasing, human resources and customer relationship management as well as billable hours and budget administration. All information is immediately available, enabling you to carry out the detailed analysis and adjustments that ensure business agility.

The lights are on green for

Augmented Reality in field service

It is not a question of whether field service organisations will use Augmented and Virtual Reality tools (AR/VR) on a large scale, but when. More and more companies are equipping their engineers in the field with tools for video collaboration and interactive manuals, for example. In maintenance work, engineers are increasingly equipped with Virtual Reality glasses, which brings static information to life for them. In this trend book, we describe the current viewpoint on Augmented Reality in field service.


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