Intelligent planning to improve efficiency and save resources

Dynamics 365 Field Service Software allows you to proactively resolve service issues, optimise resource scheduling, and reduce operational costs while improving efficiency for your engineers. Now you can deliver exceptional assistance at your customer’s location using built-in intelligence.

Find out how this modern digital field service management software can work for your company by downloading the infographic that we have specially designed to provide you with an example of a seamless, efficient job handling experience, keeping both your customers and your staff happy, whilst reducing cost and boosting efficiency. Making your customers want to come back for more!

HSO Advanced Field Service

HSO Advanced Field Service offers even more functionality on top of Dynamics 365 for Field Service with extended case management integration and new asset features like warranty, agreement coverage and improved work order actuals registration.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service


Deliver proactive service

Ensure a consistent and reliable operation by predicting, detecting, and resolving service issues before your customers are even aware there’s a problem.


Ensure a first-time fix resolution

Provide your service managers and technicians with the right tools and knowledge they need to resolve problems the first time. Build up customer trust and loyalty.


Obtain a 360-degree view of customer assets

Clearly see asset hierarchy, locations and service level agreements to exceed customer expectations and drive cost of service down using predictive maintenance models.


Prevent service calls

Remotely detect and resolve customer issues before they become a priority problem using IoT sensors.


Optimise scheduling with AI

Dispatch engineers or technicians where and when they are needed most. Deliver exceptional customer experiences whilst carefully optimising your resources and costs.


Increase customer satisfaction

Engage with your customers, provide post-engagement surveys and offer self-service scheduling.

Field Service Podcast Episode

Join our Field Service expert Dan Snowdon as he talks about how automation can help your company become more streamlined and cost-effective.


A Day in the Life of a Field Service Engineer

Today’s service organisations are faced with increased competition, advancing technology, and an ever-evolving workforce. In order to maintain competitive advantage, streamlining operations is key. HSO Advanced Field Service can help achieve these objectives, no matter what your industry or what you’re servicing. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of a Field Service engineer to see how.

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Female Field Service Worker
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