Microsoft Dynamics Support services from HSO can help you to unlock real business value from your Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and infrastructure. We help you to evolve, innovate and transform your investment to gain real value, whilst at the same time reducing the pressures on your internal resources. No other Microsoft Partner has a division exclusively focused on delivering managed services solely to its customer base.

Our dedicated UK team, are specialists in the support of Microsoft Dynamics AX from version 4 up to the current Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, including: D365 F&O, CE, Common Data Model, Common Data Services, Power Platform, incorporating the market leading Power BI and Modern Workplace Solutions (M365).

The Dynamics support team has the size, breadth of skills and experience to make it a landing point for HSO customers and companies who started their journey with another Microsoft Partner.

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HSO Foundation Services – Managing your Dynamics release plan

HSO Foundation Services provides a scalable service for the initial setup, migration to and daily operation of Microsoft cloud hosted platforms. Options range from ensuring that Microsoft Dynamics is up-to-date, to a fully managed service to keep the latest Dynamics 365, Azure services and Power Platform applications running smoothly.

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First Line Support – Your IT support services, 365 days per year

Many companies are now choosing to outsource First Line Support to a professional IT company like HSO. Your in-house team no longer has to worry about resolving common IT issues. They can instead focus on strategic and innovative operations that will help you grow your business.

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The two episodes to the right cover:

  • How to get more value from your Microsoft investments
  • How to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates

HSO Microsoft Dynamics Support Services - What makes us unique?

Meet the UK Managed Services & Support management team, who introduce you to their departments and the invaluable selection of services that they and their experienced and committed consultants provide to their customers on a daily basis.

Here's a tough honest, question: Are you busy standing still? If so, HSO can help.


Are you busy standing still?

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White paper

Your 5 biggest Microsoft Dynamics Support Challenges Answered!

Microsoft Dynamics support services from HSO provides a comprehensive and credible solution to these critical issues.

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Customer Story - Lawrence David

The Finance Director of UK’s premium commercial trailer and rigid truck body manufacturer, Lawrence David, speaks to HSO about their Microsoft Dynamics project and how HSO has given them confidence to move forward with their complex requirements at an accelerated pace.

Dynamics Matters Podcast

How to get more value from your Microsoft investments

Technology being installed is only one part of a successful project it. How you support, manage and build upon it are the key drivers of its value. In this edition of the Dynamics Matters podcast series, HSO's Adrian McNay delves into more than thirty years of experience to explain why having the right managed service support is often the difference between technology value and technology failure.

How to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates

As a cloud platform, one of the major advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the continuous updates and improvements organisations can benefit from. But these are not mandatory. And some organisation don’t bring through new functionality they are entitled to. But why? We talk to HSO Head of Optimisations, Mark Carey, to find out what’s holding some back, and how they can go about increasing the value from their investments in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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