Meet Siyue Chen, a champion for innovation at HSO International

On the cusp of graduating from HSO’s Young Professionals Program, Siyue Chen is a Dynamics 365 consultant who has crossed borders and industries to embrace HSO’s values.

Siyue Chen
D365 F&O Consultant

“I really appreciate working in a community where my voice is heard and my opinions are valued.”

From China to the Netherlands – talking the same collaborative language

Siyue is originally from China and studied as a Finance undergraduate in France, but it was while she was interning at a traditional bank in Luxembourg that she realised her passion for technology. Increasingly, she came to understand that large elements of the bank’s low performance could be laid at the door of its legacy tech systems. However, due to the nature of the banking industry, the leadership team was sceptical about new technology development.

From this point, she knew two things. Firstly, that she wanted to follow her passion for innovation and new technology. And secondly, that she wanted to work in an open and flexible organization where she could deliver real change. Enter HSO.

“They don't just care about knowledge - they care about you as a human being, not as a working machine.”

Siyue Chen D365 F&O Consultant

More than just a functional or technical training program

Siyue is now coming to the end of a two-year placement on HSO’s Young Professionals Program as a Finance Consultant in the "Unified Operations" team, helping global companies to ensure their technology supports their finance systems and processes. Over the course of her placement, she’s thrived with on-the-job training combined with monthly soft skills and technical training sessions, as well as a personal mentor for advice and support.

“It's a sharing community - we care for people.”

From her initial research of the European job market, Siyue felt that HSO could be a good fit. She was attracted by its warm, friendly, caring values that resonate across borders and cultures. And the last two years have borne out her first impression. From the get-go, she says the open, welcoming culture and diverse number of nationalities working alongside each other means “you don’t feel like an outsider – you just feel like part of the community.”

There’s a sense of collaboration and cross-cultural awareness which she believes is motivating and makes the job even more satisfying. It’s also the bedrock of success: sharing knowledge and expertise is an essential value in the technology industry, which is always changing and quickly evolving.

Three key skills – curiosity, care, communication

When it comes to the essential skills for success in her role, Siyue believes that curiosity, care and communication are key. As she says, there should be appetite for ongoing learning: “You have to keep thinking and you have to be curious.”

Meanwhile, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are important, to be able to build relationships with colleagues and clients and meet their needs.  Caring enough to be accurate, to put in the hard work to acquire and maintain knowledge and experience is also paramount for success.

A bright future ahead

So what’s next for this up-and-coming Young Professionals graduate? The future’s looking bright. When she leaves the Young Professionals Program in a few months, Siyue is looking forward to becoming an intermediate consultant at HSO, where she’ll gain even more independence and responsibility for looking after clients.

As for her long-term future, her goal is to develop her knowledge and experience in information technology, to become a Solutions Architect. After all, what gets her out of bed in the morning is “continuing to help people to solve problems, and to have better, more efficient systems so that their working life is also easier.” We look forward to watching you achieve your ambitions, Siyue!

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