Hatice Aydın, planting the seeds for success at HSO

There’s nothing ordinary about Hatice Aydın. Fueled by an uncommon inner curiosity she took a leap into the unknown by moving to the Netherlands fresh out of her Master’s education in Istanbul.

Hatice Aydın
D365 Consultant | HSO International

“My colleagues at HSO are always willing to help me succeed."

Never too young to succeed

At her young age, she already shoulders great responsibility as a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant at HSO International, serving at the focal link between clients and development teams. But she is not as green as you might think.

Throughout her education, Hatice held a number of full-time jobs, where she started putting her skills as a developer into practice and learned the basics of success in a business environment. Hatice has an admirable ability for self-reflection, even at this early stage in her career. Coupled with her fearlessness to take on challenging projects, she has all the potential to be shaped into a future leader.

Not all just business

But she is not all business. Hatice still makes time to play volleyball, which she says helps develop effective teamwork and communication that transfers the workplace. She also has a creative side that extends beyond her developer skills, as she can occasionally be found performing in voice and guitar at clubs in Haarlem. Though she is clearly at the top of her game, Hatice speaks humbly but convincingly about the lessons she’s learned and what inspires her to succeed. This is what she shared with us.

The power of a diverse community

Despite her inspiring courage and sharp intellect, Hatice knows she cannot be successful without a strong community to support her. “My colleagues at HSO International are always willing to help me succeed,” she continued. “In one of my first projects, I still had to learn how to connect with people of different cultural backgrounds. My HR coach really took the time to show me how I could adapt my communication to each individual to make our collaboration more effective.”

A community of mentors is important, but through the Young Professionals Program at HSO International, Hatice has found a group of life-minded peers who have become her best friends. “They really helped me get settled and comfortable by pointing out what professional training would help my career. More importantly, they gave me the support I need to thrive as a young professional living in a new country,” she said.

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"My HR coach really took the time to show me how I could adapt my communication to each individual to make our collaboration more effective.”

Hatice Aydın D365 Consultant | HSO International

Hatice forged her technical skills early on with practical application of data mining techniques in the design of retail spaces and by being staying active in online developer communities. But soon it was time for the challenge of a business role. “I wanted the opportunity to broaden my communications skills with clients at the intersection of technology, product management, and business application,” said Hatice. “It’s a very dynamic and energizing environment.”

But she admits it has not always gone smoothly. “Recently, I had to take lead on a meeting with a client. I did a lot of preparation on the technical aspects, but the agenda changed and I got asked questions about business application,” Hatice shared. “I was really nervous because it did not go as expected, but I was glad that my senior gave me the opportunity to lead. I really grew a lot from that experience.” She added that dusting yourself off and rising up to the next challenge is a must for success in a business role.

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A fresh perspective for success

Hatice just recently experienced accelerated growth in the fast-paced world of digital business solutions, so she has perhaps the most relevant and practical lessons for those looking to follow in her footsteps. “Tech skills are always critical to knowing the limits of the software so you can translate that to solutions that fit the client’s needs,” she said. “You should keep working on your certifications and use platforms like Microsoft Learn to stay up to date on current practices.”

Still, it can be overwhelming to take on independence and a new career at the same time. That’s why Hatice draws on inspiration from those who have gone before her. “My first manager at HSO in Turkey, Deniz , was a great example of how to be confident in making decisions. She was a role model for how to balance the stress of a demanding job.” But Hatice doesn’t have to look far to be inspired. “My mother also followed a non-traditional path to success, running her own business and growing it to a following of 70,000 people. Her support really means the world to me.” One thing is for certain. At the rate she is going, Hatice will soon become a role model for others.

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