Meet Appasaheb Narasannavar

Part of a global team and regulary interacting with the US, UK, and Europe.

Appaseheb R. Narasannavar
Associate Director | HSO India

"I have got some amazing people on my team, I have been working with my core team for a long time now."

Lot of opportunities to showcase

I joined when HSO acquired SA Global, where I had been for 15 years managing the IP product team from India. The transition has been smooth, and I feel like I am part of a global team interacting with the US, UK, and Europe regularly.

The leadership in India provides a lot of opportunities to showcase what I can bring, and I am very happy with how that works and how we are all working. I was nominated because a lot of people think that my management style is different. But if you ask me, I will say that I always try to keep things simple.

Build mutual respect

Also, I have been lucky in the sense that I have got some amazing people on my team, I have been working with my core team for a long time now, so we understand each other very well and that helps in turning around things when chips are down. So all the credit for our success over the years goes straight to the entire team.

Another philosophy which kind of helps in managing people is I don’t treat people like team members I treat them like my friends (no matter what age they are) and that’s the culture I like to work with. I try to build mutual respect amongst all of us and keep it simple.

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"If anyone is thinking about joining HSO in India, I would say please do, we welcome you! I get a lot of calls from people that previously worked with me, and I always say you are making a great decision to join HSO.”

Appaseheb R. Narasannavar Associate Director | HSO India

Freedom to do your job

The values of HSO do stand out and stand true. The transparency at HSO is great and I can see that people are informed as to what is going on. The global core values are absolutely within the company and as long as you are transparent and give equal opportunity to everyone, I can see this happen.

I spoke to our CEO in New York, and he is very open and gives you the freedom to do your job and do as best you can. He sets the ground for those values and culture.

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It is an exciting time to be at HSO

Right now, we are fully remote, and my team members are from different parts of India actually spread throughout the country. We do connect on daily basis and do a team together and the plan is to try and do that more often.

We are growing and on a big growth trajectory, in the last year we started with 4 people and now we have 30 and hope to double this. This is just my one team. There are other colleagues that started with one and now have 20 people on their team! It is an exciting time to be at HSO.

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