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Giving as many people with disabilities as possible a better life with a professionally trained assistance dog: that is what The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) is all about. In the context of the annual CSR project MotionTogether, Motion10, an HSO company, chose to help KNGF realise their growth ambitions. From the very first meeting, Operations Manager Miranda van Mook was pleasantly surprised: “Wow, I thought, can I really think in terms that big? Is all of this possible?”

Doubling the number of new client-dog combinations within 10 years: that is what The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation is aiming for. “You can only achieve such a solid growth target if you make strategic decisions based on up-to-date and reliable management information,” says Miranda van Mook. “Everything depends on the right coordination between breeding and training dogs, training dog trainers and the money required for this, which largely comes from donors. We already had a data-driven strategy that should enable the desired growth, but we lacked the ability to quickly and properly convert the available data into strategic management information. That would require a significant IT investment, while of course, we prefer to spend every euro donated on breeding and preparing assistance dogs for our clients.”

Managed Cloud Solution

For The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation, being selected as the MotionTogether 2021 project meant that - starting with fundraising and communication - it can apply a datadriven approach, without having to use donor money for IT. In his capacity of scrum master, Richard Rossen has managed the team of consultants from Data & Analytics during the project. “Like other years, we approached the MotionTogether 2021 project in the same way as our other projects,” says Richard. “That means that together with the customer, we work towards the desired IT innovation. We use PitWall; our approach to a Managed Cloud solution for our customers, using clear steps.”


In the summer, the team collected the wishes and needs of KNGF and the organization was extensively questioned about the business processes, the working methods, the available data and so on. Miranda van Mook fondly remembers those first conversations. “It was great that Motion10 understood us so quickly and well. Of course, it was up to us to indicate as accurately as possible what we needed, but we immediately noticed there were people on the other side who not only understood functionally what we do, but who could also quickly understand our questions and challenges, what management information is and how you use it in an organization. That immediately made the collaboration very pleasant.”

MotionTalent Consultants add value

For team members Tom van Velzen and Jeroen Schreuder, the KNGF project was an excellent opportunity to put many of the hard and soft skills recently learned into practice. After their studies, the two young professionals followed an internal training course at the Data & Analytics unit as MotionTalent Consultants. Coached and supervised by Richard Rossen and other experienced consultants, they added value for the customer with great enthusiasm and know-how. Tom van Velzen: “In this project, we were able to apply our acquired knowledge in a real life case, and it’s great to see that whatever was still a bit theoretical during your studies, turns out to work so well in practice. That an organization like The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation can really come closer to its goal, because we make it possible to steer on the basis of available data.”

Valuable insights and control information

Colleague Jeroen Schreuder explains the challenge for the project team: “Donors are the largest source of income for KNGF, so that is what the control information must be about. For example, if you notice that people are willing to donate a bit more in the fourth quarter, you’ll be able to get the most out of that with a targeted campaign. If you notice that many donors leave after about five years and that this usually happens in January, you are now, with that information in hand, able to steer the Marketing department in time to try to keep these donors. If you expect some significant legacies in the next five years, perhaps you could start making certain investments now. KNGF previously did not grasp all marketing opportunities, because they were unable to properly and timely combine the available data from their CRM Salesforce and Google Analytics into valuable insights and management information. Thanks to our Power BI reporting, they now have a tool that increases their chances of achieving their growth target.”

Taking important steps

Miranda van Mook and her colleagues at KNGF feel like royalty with their new reporting tool. “The report is in fact an interactive dashboard. It gives us a lot of insight into our donors, saves us considerable time and gives us access to current and accurate data at all times. This enables us to take important steps, especially in the field of fundraising and communication. In the future, we want to continue working with Motion10 to also integrate the operational and financial data in the Power BI report, so we can work and manage fully data-driven on even more fronts

Towards a better life

Richard Rossen is pleased that he and his team have been able to play a significant role in the success of The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation. “The fact that our company genuinely finds it important to take social responsibility in this way makes me proud to work here. A CSR project like this means a lot of work in a short period of time, but the satisfaction is very high. We have contributed to ensure that more people who need it can get a well-trained assistance dog and thus have a better life. That feels great.”

Miranda van Mook, Operations Manager at The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation:

''In the future, we want to continue working with this partner to also integrate the operational and financial data in the Power BI report, so we can work and manage fully data-driven on even more fronts.''

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