Sparck Technologies: "HSO is a partner that can follow us into the future"

A complete Dynamics 365 ERP implementation in 6 months? HSO accepts the challenge!

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"A company that can follow us into the future"

In this video, Kees Oosting, CEO of Sparck Technologies, explains how Sparck and HSO realized an operational ERP system based on Dynamics 365 within 6 months. On time, within budget and with more functionality than expected.

Kees Oosting, Sparck Technologies: "An ERP implementation is like buying a new car"

Kees: "The goal to use standard software was not just a promise, but a very important commitment that we did not break. We knew it was crucial to reduce complexity and to meet the deadline. I like to explain this by comparing an ERP implementation with buying a new car. We were driving a 20 year old, very decent car, and we are now going to a new one. It does not have a gearbox anymore, it is electric, has many new and modern features. The only thing I needed from HSO was to explain to me how this new car works. I don't want you to design a new car, because in its core, the function of the car - or the ERP system - stays the same. I just need to know where the break, the gas and the light switch are."

A platform to help us grow our company

"We  have the ambition to triple, quadriple our growth in the coming years. This can only be achieved with a solid backbone of ERP and CRM technology. This backbone is now created toghether with HSO. With HSO we have a partner on board who can follow us in our ambitions and plans."

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The key objectives time, content and price are all being achieved

"HSO delivered the project before the deadline, we were able to realize even more functionality and we stayed well within budget. That's pretty unique in IT-business."

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