SMC Nederland optimizes processes thanks to data-driven working method

Data data-driven working method and optimizing processes.

As an innovative player on the market for pneumatic and electric components, SMC Nederland is always looking for new opportunities for digital transformation. The most recent step? A completely new ERP system and a data warehouse in the cloud, which aims to contribute to optimizing processes and working in a more data-driven manner. With expertise in the area of Data & Analytics, ERP and Microsoft Azure, HSO was more than up to this task. Stefan Alders, financial controller at SMC Nederland, looks back.

About SMC

SMC is originally a Japanese company with now more than 20,000 employees worldwide. It is the knowledge partner for safe and sustainable technology in industrial automation. The product portfolio also provides solutions for automation in various industries such as agriculture, food, automotive, life science and packaging.

Alongside its extensive product portfolio, SMC proactively advises customers on how they can make their production processes more efficient, realize a higher energy return and guarantee the safety of machinery. For this it is important that the experts of SMC have access to the correct and most recent data. On their own device and at the customer’s location.

All data in one system

In order to make data accessible and increase the overall reporting possibilities, HSO advised on having a data warehouse in the cloud. This allows the various data flows, including from the previously implemented ERP system, to optimally communicate with one another. Power BI was chosen for creating the reports. This means that SMC now has all data in one system, with attractive and clear visualizations. Staff now always have up-to-date data at their fingertips, on computer as well as on their smartphone and tablet, and so can make well-informed decisions.

Challenging process

The process is a next step in SMC’s digital transformation. And an important one according to Alders: “The entire organization is investing in this project. Various departments are providing input and all colleagues are working on it as a team. We will ultimately achieve an optimal result; that is only possible if we roll up our sleeves together. Then it’s essential to have a partner like HSO alongside you: who guides you during the project and closely examines the business processes.”

Strength of the Microsoft platform

The solution is part of the Microsoft Platform. Alders explains how this provides many opportunities for SMC: “The various technologies of Microsoft reinforce one another. We are now for example enriching the tooling with Power Apps in order to automate processes. And Microsoft Azure increases the scalability and safety of the solution.”

Successful implementation

“Together with HSO we have put together a good solution. And now that the system is live, we have regular contact with consultants. HSO shares knowledge where necessary and helps us to be as independent as possible, which for us is very important.” Alders praises HSO’s problem-solving ability. “You always come against challenges with such a large project. So it’s all to do with how the implementation partner deals with these. HSO took us by the hand in looking for the best solution. And we succeeded in this.”

“The communication, the solution and the flexibility: HSO proves itself to be a fine partner in all these areas."

Stefan Alders financial controller at SMC Nederland

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