SIG Benelux selects wholesale360

Market leader in finishing and technical insulation materials in the Netherlands and Belgium considers data as a critical factor in achieving strategic goals.

SIG Benelux, a subsidiary of the publicly traded UK-based SIG plc, operates in a challenging market. However, their outdated ERP system was hindering efficiency and growth. Instead of opting for more customization, the B2B wholesaler chose Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain along with wholesale360, the complete industry solution from HSO.

Harmonizing Processes and Collaborating on a Single Platform

Joke Brouckaert was appointed interim project manager for D365 at SIG Benelux. Daisy Tullen took on the internal project role from her position as project manager and was responsible for internal process monitoring, among other tasks.

Joke explains, "SIG has divided its activities in the Benelux region into construction (wet and dry) and technical insulation. Companies and brands such as SIG Afbouwspecialist (NL), SIG Technische Isolatiespecialist (NL), Speedline, MPA (Construction Materials BE), and Isolatec (Technical Insulation BE) operate under the SIG Benelux umbrella. Within these companies, more than 200 colleagues – working across the Netherlands and Belgium – ensure that customers can complete their construction projects as smoothly as possible and within the agreed-upon schedules."

This ERP project was of high urgency. The old system was not only no longer supported (AX2009), but the extensive customization was limiting the company's growth. SIG wanted to harmonize and consolidate the processes and systems of its various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium onto a single platform. A modern, future-proof system would support and accelerate their growth ambitions.

A standard solution to minimize risks

"We wanted a standard solution partly because we had a clear target in terms of time and budget. In addition, we wanted to minimize the risks of implementation. With wholesale360, HSO offered a complete industry solution that actually already met 80-90% of our functional requirements."

A complete industry solution for wholesale

Joke: "An earlier attempt to update and rebuild the old system quickly proved to be too complex and costly. A standard solution, on the other hand, would be much faster to implement. Additionally, we had clear time and budget objectives and wanted to minimize implementation risks. HSO's wholesale360 offered an industry solution that already met 80-90% of our functional requirements. And what functionality we did miss, HSO largely incorporated into the template."

wholesale360 is a comprehensive industry solution that includes processes, work instructions, pre-configuration, software, and an integration platform. The solution includes a three-phase approach:

  • Validate: This phase assesses whether the template aligns with SIG's processes and identifies any gaps.
  • Adopt: This phase involves training key users, collaborating on SIG-specific configuration, and building trust in the system.
  • Deploy: This phase rolls out the system to end users and conducts final testing before go-live.

A Smooth and Successful Implementation

Joke explains, "The three phases – Validate, Adopt, and Deploy – aligned well with my experience and expectations. In the Validate phase, we verified that the template matched SIG's processes and identified any missing functionality. The Adopt phase provided hands-on training and collaboration to configure the system for SIG, building our confidence in its capabilities. Finally, the Deploy phase involved rolling out the system to end users and conducting final testing before go-live."

"The most important outcome of the implementation of wholesale360 is the realization of a uniform way of working for SIG Benelux."

Joke Brouckaert, Projectleider ERP

Shared challenges

Daisy acknowledges that cultural differences can arise in cross-border projects. "We were prepared for this and it went very smoothly. Joke is fluent in both Dutch and Flemish, so she understands both sides. We migrated the Dutch locations first, but we immediately involved key users from Belgium. This gave them early exposure to the new processes, the system, and the overall workflow. Initially, there seemed to be a strong need for specific local configurations, but ultimately, many core processes were found to be the same. For the implementation of the Belgian locations, the advantage was that the initial teething problems had already been ironed out."

Joke highlights the complexity of data migration. "In the Netherlands, we had to deal with multiple companies merging onto Dynamics 365, resulting in five different environments that we needed to consolidate into a new database. Such a data migration, on top of the implementation, was quite complex and time-consuming. Therefore, we brought in an HSO expert for this task, which proved to be a wise decision."

Reporting also posed a challenge. "We had inventoried our reporting needs beforehand, but this aspect got off to a relatively slow start. When you get a new ERP system, you only truly understand the platform's capabilities once you're well into the implementation. Ideally, you would optimize your data structure before starting an ERP project, as this allows you to extract much more value from it. In retrospect, we would have approached this differently."

Daisy, in particular, invested significant time in end-user training regarding change management and adoption. "Some resistance was natural, of course. The steering group was aware of this and we engaged in ongoing discussions to address user concerns and potential resistance."

HSO became a true partner instead of a supplier

Joke: "I experienced the collaboration with HSO as professional and pleasant. The consultants were both knowledgeable and pragmatic. I think the best compliment for HSO is that HSO was seen as a partner and no longer as a supplier. The team sometimes took our place and made very valuable recommendations. The pleasant cooperation and mutual trust certainly helped with achieving the timeline."

Tips from SIG Benelux

Kicking off your ERP migration?

Joke and Daisy are happy to share several tips.
  • 1

    Make your team available

    Joke: "Don't underestimate the time that is required from colleagues who are involved in the project. Make sure to organize early and sufficient replacements, to make sure the project team has enough time. Otherwise, there is a big risk that people fall out."

  • 2

    Start your data migration on time

    Joke: "Start your data migration on time. Organizing support from outside the company, by someone who knows D365 and has done it before proved to be the best solution for us."

  • 3

    Strong project management

    Daisy: “An external project leader with a lot of experience with ERP projects, who manages deadlines strictly has worked well for us. Thanks to this excellent project management we were able to go live within time and budget.”

  • 4

    Cross-functional team members

    Joke: "Make sure that you have people in your team who have an overview of all functional areas, with a cross-functional perspective. This way you avoid making the wrong design decisions."

  • 5

    Collaborate in-person

    Daisy: "Collaborating on-site with the HSO team has helped a lot in building better connections and trust. Remote working can be effective for part of the project, but don't underestimate the added value of being in the same room together."

About wholesale360

Wholesale360 is HSO's complete industry solution for wholesale and distribution. The 'solution suite' is based on years of experience with customers in B2B wholesale and consists of processes, work instructions, preset configurations, software, and an integration platform on Azure for integrations to third-party applications.

Wholesale360 is complimentary to Dynamics 365 and contains a blueprint, all processes, data migration, implementation methodology, reporting, plus industry-specific software.

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