Saving lives with the British Heart Foundation

A case study in successful Digital Transformation

The British Heart Foundation (BHF), a leading UK charity dedicated to tackling heart disease, faced a critical challenge. Their mission – to reduce the number of lives lost to this condition – hinged on efficient operations. However, managing a vast network of 700 shops, supporting 19,000 volunteers, and processing a daily influx of 3,500 payments relied on aging ERP systems. These outdated tools hampered efficiency and threatened BHF's ability to serve its beneficiaries effectively.


"I trust HSO has the right people with the right knowledge to support the British Heart Foundation."

BHF Director of Technology, Gareth Campbell-Julian, details the importance of trust and building a human relationship when selecting a Microsoft partner.

The Need for Change

Gareth Campbell-Julian, BHF's Director of Technology, recognised the urgency for a technology transformation. The existing infrastructure couldn't keep pace with BHF's growing needs and ambitious goals. Upgrading these systems wasn't merely about modernisation; it was essential for maximising their impact in the fight against heart disease.

The Human touch in Microsoft solutions

However, embarking on such a large-scale transformation project came with its own set of challenges. BHF needed a partner that understood the unique complexities of a non-profit organisation. Gareth emphasised the importance of human relationships beyond the technology itself:

"For me, it's about the human relationships, it's not about the technology. And I trust HSO [the chosen Microsoft partner] has the right people with the right knowledge to support the British Heart Foundation."

Photo of Gareth Campbell-Julian
Gareth Campbell-Julian Director of Technology, British Heart Foundation

Finding the Right Partner

BHF knew they needed a reliable and experienced partner to navigate the transformation process. Leveraging Microsoft's expertise, they identified HSO as a strong contender. The established relationship between Microsoft and HSO instilled confidence in BHF, providing a crucial element of trust in their decision-making.

Results and a brighter future

A modern technological foundation, streamlined operations, improved volunteer and shop management, and facilitated secure and efficient payment processing. This, in turn, empowers BHF to focus on its core mission – funding vital research and saving lives.

The British Heart Foundation's story exemplifies the transformative power of technology when coupled with a human-centric approach. By prioritising trust and collaboration, BHF ensured a smooth transition to a future where operational efficiency empowers them to make an even greater impact in the fight against heart disease. Made possible by finding the right partner.

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