Rituals unifies worldwide systems with Dynamics 365

Jenny de Vries, CFO, Rituals: "Dynamics 365 is the glue that holds our worldwide, multi-channel business transactions and supply chain together." 

Dynamics 365 connects Rituals' global, multi-channel business transactions and supply chain

The Dutch luxury lifestyle brand Rituals, which transforms everyday routines into meaningful moments, has chosen Dynamics 365 as the keystone for connecting its global, multi-channel business transactions and supply chain. Since its founding in 2000, Rituals has been committed to ethical and sustainable business practices, combining natural ingredients and biodegradable formulas with elegant design and innovative packaging. With over 1000 stores in 102 countries, including luxury hotels, major airports, and the iconic flagship store House of Rituals in Amsterdam, the brand has established itself as a global leader in sustainable and ethical beauty. 

Connecting systems to drive growth

To achieve its growth ambitions and ensure customer satisfaction, Rituals needed to modernize its supply chain and financial systems. Its new ERP system had to be able to handle complex transactions and comply with regional regulations, tax requirements, and business standards worldwide. Rituals chose Microsoft Dynamics 365, along with HSO as its transformation partner, to customize the system to the company’s specific needs. By leveraging Power Apps and standard features from Microsoft, Rituals simplified its processes while reducing its reliance on external sources for system maintenance.

"Dynamic 365’s modular design and integration flexibility allowed us to systematically revamp our implementation sequence and strategy."

"This allowed us to grow despite continuously changing business requirements, including our expansion into China.” Jorin van Amstel, Sr. Manager Sales and Marketing Tech, Rituals 

Microsoft Platform enables Rituals to achieve growth objectives

With Dynamics 365, Rituals was able to expand its online and offline presence, increasing the number of online sales partners, in-store sellers, and new stores worldwide. The platform proved to be flexible and efficient in handling regional business, compliance and product requirements, enabling Rituals to achieve its growth objectives.

Rituals also leveraged Power Apps to further streamline business processes, such as placement of store decoration orders and management of currency exchange rates. With Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Power Apps, the company can manage every aspect of its multi-channel commerce activities, from order processing to financial reporting, with automated and standardized workflows.

"The wide selection of off-the-shelf add-ons and Power Apps helped avoid over customization while meeting unique requirements and temporary solutions.”

Laura Mariën, Program Manager Supply Chain & Finance

Streamlining e-commerce with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management and Power Apps provide Rituals with a comprehensive and secure solution to manage every aspect of its multi-channel commerce activities.

Dynamics 365 processes orders, creates pick lists and shipping labels, and sends order transactions to an external warehouse management system, while automatically communicating the orders to Finance for billing and revenue booking.

Rituals also improved its demand planning and payment processing by integrating Dynamics 365 with applications from both B2C and B2B channels. Altogether, this ecosystem improves employee productivity and overall efficiency.

HSO Cloud Services solutions for data analytics services

With Dynamics 365 and its transaction-specific integrations, Rituals tracks inventory movement and purchases from more than 6,000 points of sale in 1,200 stores. Business data is stored in Google Cloud and connected to Dynamics 365 via Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Synapse Analytics, providing Rituals with a unified and scalable digital ecosystem.

Achieving modern and optimized performance

The implementation of Dynamics 365 has led to significant benefits for Rituals, including increased scalability, efficiency, improved reporting and advanced analytics, as well as simplified regulatory compliance and IT management.

With a solid implementation plan and deployment schedules across regions, Rituals has optimized and standardized its systems for all locations and channels, enabling the company to achieve its ambitious growth goals. Now, Rituals’ financial managers have more insight into cash flow and can budget accordingly, while accounting processes run more quickly and smoothly.

By embracing innovative technologies and collaborating with the right partner, Rituals has undergone a remarkable transformation, with significant benefits for its business operations and global growth objectives.

“What distinguishes Dynamics 365 is the platform’s flexibility to combine it with third-party software. This fits seamlessly into Rituals’ best-of-breed strategy.”

Kai Jacobse, Head of Supply Chain & Finance, Rituals

The benefits of this transformation are clear:

  • Scalability: Dynamics 365 supports Rituals’ ambitious growth and enables new, innovative features.
  • Efficiency: The platform automates and centralizes B2B commerce and financial systems, increasing productivity.
  • Reporting: Financial reporting is more timely, relevant, and compliant with regional tax requirements thanks to Dynamics 365.
  • Analytics: AI-driven analytics make complex predictions simpler and more reliable, enabling Rituals to make better-informed decisions.
  • Compliance: Government regulations and international regulatory standards are easy to maintain thanks to intelligent business rule adjustments.
  • Simplicity: IT management has been simplified, with fewer systems to maintain and lower licensing costs.

"We have a solid implementation plan, architectural design, and realistic rollout schedules across all regions. In a short timeframe, we have efficiently accomplished various rollouts worldwide."

Rick Brugman Program Manager HSO

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